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Well, first I started a thread asking who everyone's favorite producers are and you all had really interesting responses! Now I want to know: who are some of your favorite artists in this fandom? They don't have to be an illustrator who works with a particular producer. but just any artist in this fandom you like! Bonus points if you leave a link to where their works can be found.

Here are some of my faves.
  • Uramiti, formerly the official illustrator for Sukone Tei. I like their art style a lot because it's very unique, especially in the way they draw the face. The anatomy is always well drawn and there's so much attention to detail. (I wish I could spend that much attention to details. ORZ)
  • Miwasiba or △○□× - You probably recognize the name from a lot of Giga's songs, or even Miwasiba's own music. They've also done the official illustrations for the Meikas and Flower. I think their art style is also very unique. It's very sharp and I like the way they color their drawings a lot. I LOVE their designs for Rin and Len's outfits in "Bring it On".
  • MimMim (aka ChanPotei) - I love their art style so much and the way they color is absolutely gorgeous! The shading always looks absolutely perfect, and man, even though I'm satisfied with my art style, I can't help but be envious of their skill.
  • Tama - Good gosh, her art is adorable!! I love the way she draws all the characters, and her art style is so distinctive!
  • Yoji - Her art style is also super cute! I love the usage of gradients in her artwork and the chibi style that she uses.
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Jul 14, 2019
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I got a couple haha:

6LIN - her art is so awesome!!!! She's drawn for Circus-P and nostraightanswer on some occasions and trust me, they are GODLY. She animates a little too, which is also really nice. Tbh she's everything I want to be as an artist.
Sleppu - He regularly draws for Circus-P's music and his style is so unique! He is one of my main art inspirations and he also has lovely OCs too. One of my favorite artists overall. (He even follows me back on Twitter which is still surreal to me)
Yen-Mi - Her art is so detailed. She doesn't draw for any producer, but I love the way she draws the Cryptonloids.
Momoi - Her style is really distinctive in my opinion, plus she's also a vocaloid producer! I really love her sound too!
Maar - Draws Miku in really neat fashion in which I stan


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Apr 8, 2018
I was thinking about a thread like this actually! As with the favourite producers, I have the same problem of having so many favourites. I've again tried to narrow down the list.

-Wogura Best known for working with Utata-P, in particular for illustrating the Happiness-series. Sadly she doesn't post illustrations too often.
Also I'm forever happy I met her and got her signature on her artbook >_<

iXima Quite an obvious choice, the most revered artist alongside KEI, within the Cryptonloid universe. iXima's art tends to have nice attention to detail and the artstyle is very distinct.

Agonasubi I like Agonasubi's art a lot! Agonasubi's Miku always looks so cute and lovable.

Tsukishiro (<---Warning: Tsukishiro's pixiv has NSFW content too) A pleasant art style and they've made a lot of work illustrating different modules from Project Diva games, draws ecchi stuff as well as "normal" art.

Shiomizu (or Siomidu, whichever spelling you prefer) I can't really put my finger on what it is that I love about their art, apart from the way they draw faces. I'm a big fan of them!

Tsukiringo Again a very cute art style and nice attention to colours.

Nira 01 Draws traditionally, they post hilarious yonkomas and art, as well as "more serious" cute drawings.

NSFW doujinshi artists (I won't leave links here, if someone is interested may google or ask):

-Ueda Rieko ( Circle: Dennou Fuyu Mikan)
-Johnson (Circle: Kusoyuridanchi)
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Ooh, I have some too:

Zain: They're famous for their amazing neon style and super detailed backgrounds. If you know them from Miku English, I strongly recommend checking out their other works.

Honnim: Honnim is a Korean illustrator who gives loads of love to obscure Vocaloids, especially those from outside Japan. Their Engloid art is guaranteed to melt a cold heart.

Miyama Hugin: Hugin is an amazing character designer, with lots of awesome fantasy concepts in their portfolio. This shouldn't be surprising, because they illustrated Lumi. :lumi_lili: And if you thought a jellyfish girl was unique...

Noririn: Maika's official artist is still killing it, she has done everything from painterly portraits to rose-tinted anime. If you're a video game lover, check out her Instagram.
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Apr 8, 2018
Noririn: Maika's official artist is still killing it, she has done everything from painterly portraits to rose-tinted anime. If you're a video game lover, check out her Instagram.
Does anyone else know any fan artists on Instagram? I set up an account two days ago, but I'm struggling to find people to follow because there's tons of gorgeous images on there. ^^;

I'm following Noririn now - thanks for the recommendation!

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