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hatsune miku

  1. Hanare!Binbonin!

    【Hatsune Miku】Sailor suit and Band aid【Original】

    hello everyone i'm hanare binbonin a japanesse vocaloid producer this song is sung in japanese, but i prepared english subtitles because i want a lot of people to listen to this i hope you listen to this and find my hidden thought thank you ↓you can watch it from here youtube niconico
  2. ミクさんおめでとう!


  3. Katastrophe

    Hatsune Miku Because You're Here - PinocchioP feat. Hatsune Miku (Magical Mirai 2020 Theme Song)

    This has already been posted in the Magical Mirai thread but I couldn't help it. This song made me really emotional. ;;;;__;;;; And the PV is animated gorgeously too.
  4. ショッピング


  5. andantina

    Hatsune Miku MIMI - Floremie ft. Hatsune Miku

    A feminine, uplifting pop song.
  6. CdrSonan

    【Vocaloid Original】Fireworks【Hatsune Miku】

    I made this song for the "Stay at Home" mini song contest hosted by Crypton! Unfortunately I only had limited time for this, so it's a good thing the songs were supposed to be under 2 minutes! It's also my first time experimenting with an e-bass as a more prominent instrument! I hope you like...
  7. ミクの日2020


    Happy Miku Day!
  8. Giranoxa

    Futurity Feat. Hatsune Miku [Vocaloid Original]

    Second deep Lyrics song from me now
  9. SeleDreams

    Album Release - I am Dreaming

    Hi everyone. I've released my first album. It's named "I am Dreaming" This album represents my journey as a composer from the start to now, it contains 14 songs (51 minutes), the first ones are Vocaloid songs and the last ones are more classical songs. The voicebanks used in this album are...
  10. TornFlame

    I'm streaming Megamix39's and taking song requests :)

    Feel free to chat, I need to make friends haha. (not joking)
  11. 夏のミクちゃん


  12. peaches2217

    Hatsune Miku [COVER] 周小蚕 ft. Hatsune Miku - Mai Mai Mai (Chinese Ver.)

    (Clicking the image should take you to the video. It's on Bilibili and I couldn't find a Nico or YouTube repost.) This is hands-down the best use of Miku Chinese I've ever heard.
  13. 夏のミクちゃん


  14. TornFlame

    Top 10 Vocaloids List I posted on my blog

    https://flamesdomain.design.blog/2020/01/15/top-10-vocaloids/ Hey yall! I'm a huge vocaloid fan and I recently posted a top 10 list of my personal favorite Vocaloids on my blog. Please comment with any opinions and comments you may have <3
  15. Megane Miku

    Megane Miku

  16. miku_hamano_webp.png


  17. Giranoxa

    Giranoxa - Zutto[Forever] feat. Hatsune Miku

    hy there. im Giranoxa and i had beginning own songs with Vocaloid to making. more songs for the future are planned. let you suprise. but now i present you my newest work. enjoy that new Drumstep style and have fun^^
  18. SeleDreams

    Hatsune Miku SeleDreams - The Dreams You're Living For Feat Hatsune Miku English

    This is a song I worked on for around a month. I originally started working on it for Miku Expo but ended up making it for a game I'm working on. I tried to make her voice sound like she comes from a digital world as the game I'm working on occurs in a virtual world, it would play for some...