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VOCALOID Pokemon feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage


Apr 13, 2018


まるで18種類の「タイプ」のように、 かっこいい、かわいい、ふしぎ、おもしろい……


「ポケモン feat. 初音ミク Project VOLTAGE 18 Types/Songs」

Two pieces of content that connect and enrich both the real world and the virtual world will collaborate, We will take on the challenge of new expressions together with unique creators. It's like 18 different "types": cool, cute, mysterious, interesting... A variety of music and illustrations are waiting for you. A first world where dreams and adventure, the future and sound intersect. Turn up the voltage and enjoy! "Pokemon feat. Hatsune Miku Project VOLTAGE 18 Types/Songs" Start!

Likened to 18 types of Pokemon, 18 illustrations and setting materials, 18 songs and MVs will be released sequentially
(more details and artworks about Project Voltage collaboration will be unveiled in the next weeks)

official website:


Apr 13, 2018
Miku is so adorable<3
(I already want a Pokemon game with that cute design❤)

and here is the blog post with some updated info(●'◡'●)🎁🎉

- from September 4th to 28th will be released 18 types of illustrations
- 6 famous artists are making those illustrations
- each illustration is based on a theme and a different Pokemon
- Project Voltage is a collaboration project that will have various materials, such as illustrations, music and videos released sequentially, starting from September 29th
- the unique songs are sung by Hatsune Miku and have various background music and sound effects from previous Pokemon games, starting from Pokemon Red and Green
- seems like every song has a music video, and different producers are making the songs🎈
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Kagamine Rin and Len cover artist
Aug 3, 2022
Eastern USA
I absolutely love this Miku design. It captures the charm of Pokémon so well while also having plenty of references to Miku, including a tie on the bag and a little bunny which I’m assuming is referencing Yukine! I’d also like to believe that her bow is referencing Rin since it’s on the top of her head (her right) and there are two clips as you go to her left.
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