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  • So...I may have dreamed a concept for a non-Project Voltage Miku x Pokémon Scarlet and Violet crack fic by accident.
    Look, I'm late to the party, but...this is my vague recollection of that dream:

    (And also...I'm so embarrassed to say this, but I'm just starting to get into Pokémon. But it looks like I probably won't enjoy Sword/Shield and Scarlet/Violet from the looks of it)

    So the premise is that office worker!Miku (a version of Miku where her life didn't go as planned) gets isekai'd as a Miraidon (Mikudon) and ends up in Paldea. Bullcrap ensues as she intentionally tries to complete Scarlet/Violet in the most inefficient way possible, and also ends up derailing the entire story.

    (I'mma spoil the ending here because there's no other it could end believably, but basically, all the stuff that office worker!Miku went through was just her having passed out on the job)

    There's two scenes I can remember:

    The first: Miku (Mikudon) scares the protagonist by wearing Mikudayo's head and saying "Mikudayo" on repeat. While creeping towards them menacingly. A Miraidon with Mikudayo's head, how much worse can it get?

    But then here's the second in the next timespan: Miku unveils her new battle vehicle...and it's just a cargo truck with Miku decals on it, complete with spring onions. And it also plays World is Mine and The Snow White Princess Is on repeat. On repeat.

    ...I just couldn't hold this in anymore! It's like...what the hell just happened? Like, what?

    Anyhow. Thank you for listening to my recollection.

    Uh, I'm gonna clear up something. I've already seen reviews of Sword/Shield and Scarlet/Violet, and I've also watched playthroughs of SV, but...I don't exactly have the cash to buy the games. I'm sorry.
    Happy birthday, @morrysillusion !

    May good things and events come your way in the future and onwards!
    I've never gotten around to finishing The Fragile (by Nine Inch Nails) because of the opening track, 'Somewhat Damaged.'
    It's weirdly addictive to me and I don't know why. If anybody else knows music theory, can you explain it to me as to why this song is addictive as all hell?

    Official instrumental (found on Apple Music and in The Fragile Deviations 1):
    I don't know how to start this coherently so I'll just say it.

    I'm actually afraid...that someone with a large influence will criticize and misunderstand vocal synths in general and that their large fanbase will eat up what they say, like, can you imagine?

    Like, imagine if, Anthony Fantano (a music critic who I heavily respect, despite disagreeing with his views), makes a video on a new vocal synth. You click it, expecting a fairly neutral video. Instead, Fantano spouts inaccurate information and makes some comparisons and equations to the AI covers you see everywhere. For extra Fantano-isms, throw in some passive-aggressive remarks in the video.

    This is post-Fader hit-piece Fantano I'm talking about. Post-Fader hit-piece Fantano probably wouldn't be so receptive to vocal synths now compared to Pre-Fader hit-piece Fantano.

    You go into the comments, expecting people to disagree with Fantano like usual. But instead, you see people, without questioning, agreeing with Fantano. You see some comments calling out Fantano for misinformation, but they're mostly drowned by the people agreeing with Fantano.

    ...But then again, Fantano will likely never make a video on Miku again, or any vocal synth for that matter, and if he does make that video I just described, his fans will most likely call him out on it. Fantano is a great music critic, but he can be...ignorant at times. See his 'The War on Drill Rap Continues' video. Most of his fans called him out for not really understanding the situation with drill and gang violence.

    I'll just leave you with this clip of HasanAbi (2.6 million Twitch followers as of January 7th, 2024) and his chat freaking out about Miku and going all like "this is so weirdddddddddddddd" and not in a good way. Because this kind of coverage and attention is exactly what I'm afraid of.

    This is something i'm not worried about, voice synths have such a long history and very well known since 80s until today. Some people may feel uncomfortable with it and their community but at the core, it's just a software instrument. The thing is, nature of criticism is always come with both positive and negative. Misunderstanding will happen, same as inaccurate information. As long as it is not "out right" attacking or harassing, i'm perfectly fine with any negative criticism. Not a big deal.

    Thing that should be taken very seriously is scams (scams crowdfunding, kickstarter is one of them), vocal misuse, stealing, ripoff, illegally ported voicebanks, obtained unreleased voicebanks through stealing/hacking, fake voicebanks, harassing etc etc, and list go on and on.. These are far more serious and potentialy destroy the whole image of community.
    I get where you're coming from. There's so much judgement in the world right now, and there seems to be far too little in the way of reasonableness/restraint, so random judgements seem able to snowball and grow into situations that never should've happened.

    I think it's best to focus on the things we can control. Other people's opinions aren't something we can control. It isn't uniformly perfect--nothing is--but vocal synth culture has a tremendous amount of good in it. At its best, it embodies things like fellowship, joy, inclusivity, mutual assistance, creativity, self-exploration and self-actualization. It's best for us to pursue these ideals as best we can, and for the rest, to let the chips fall as they will.
    Sometimes I'm honestly surprised my family seems fine with me being a Vocaloid producer with how weird Vocaloid must be to an external eye. ESPECIALLY after the Man who Married Miku happened, with Miku being one of the voices I use. I guess they understand that in the end it's a music-making tool though, and they know I can use it for good.
    (Moved from the discord)

    So uh,
    What do you guys think about a female DiffSinger and/or a VCV bank voiced by a male?

    Asking for a friend

    (Not really. Just asking for myself because I don't feel comfortable with recording a bank using my real voice. Apologies if you thought I was something else. Currently want to learn voice feminization though)

    EDIT: I don't really feel comfortable revealing my gender online (I just don't want people to make assumptions about me) but I really wanted to know if people wanted such a voicebank.
    So, I've been practicing mixing this for about the past several weeks and I want some feedback about the mixing (posting it in my thread didn't seem to get any feedback. If you want this moved to my WIP thread, please let me know)
    I don't consider this a proper cover, though. I'd probably redo this in the future with actual tuning
    Eri's singing/instant mode was used. All vocals are Koharu Rikka, set at different gender parameters.

    Original for reference:

    Also, the cover is intentional lol. My mouse ran out of batteries at the time. It also references the original video (hanahaki disease [it's not really hanahaki disease, though]). The original doesn't have any wolves in it, though. The 'wolf' on the cover refers to Rikka.

    If you correctly guess what the cover's typography references, you won't win anything, but I would be thrilled if you do (HINT: it's a reference to some of Nine Inch Nails' album/EP covers. Three of them, to be exact).
    I don't have a lot to add here but i do heard a glitch in 0:59.

    In my opinion, i do like how rikka sound, it's fits the song very well, her low-mid and mid range have a good pronounce so i will take advantage of it by emphasis her mid range a little more maybe EQ it and compress it by a little amount or reduce the amount of reverb so i can hear mid range better (that's work too.) This song is fully crank pan pot L-R. My preferred is to reduce amount of reverb.
    I think your mix is a little brighter than the original (low and high boost?) I notice it when kicks hit, the click sounds of the kicks give me a hint. Maybe because of my ears or my monitor. I'm quite skeptical to this so please take it with a pinch of salt.
    Dearest happy birthday to you, @uncreepy !
    You gave me a piece of actually blunt but great advice when I got blocked by [REDACTED] on Twitter.
    I didn't want to hear it, but it was one I needed to hear.

    So from the bottom of my heart...thank you, so much.

    Buddhists generally don't celebrate Christmas, so you likely won't get a 'Merry Christmas' from me. I do say 'Happy Holidays' though. I'm not religious (I just grew up in a Buddhist household), though, but I do respect religions nonetheless.

    I'm not going to capitalize 'god' in 'oh my god' from now on since I'm not referring to any specific deity when I say it, I just thought that was the correct way of writing it.

    Changed 'Happy Christmas' to 'Merry Christmas.'

    EDIT 2:
    Maybe I should just say 'Oh my days' instead lol. You know what? I will.
    A little thought popped up in my head
    I'm curious how you guys would feel about a SAROS and ROSE duet
    Especially with rock, metal, and metalcore
    Happy birthday, @sapplerx !
    My birthday's right about tomorrow, so I thought I'd celebrate someone else's birthday too
    I've never celebrated someone's birthday online before, so, I'm a bit nervous

    Originally, I would use many exclamation marks and emojis, but I decided against it. I didn't feel like being overexcited and all would be good
    So uh,
    Waves is offering their new plugin, Silk Vocal, for free on Black Friday only
    It's a vocal mixing plugin, essentially. Also, it's like their own version of Soothe 2, but for vocals, I think?

    Here's their own walkthrough of it

    None of the entities mentioned here have contacted me for an endorsement.

    EDIT 2:
    Oh, come on! Every video I found about this plugin comes from a Waves-affiliated creator!? At least you can demo this plugin for free, I guess.
    Every time I see people shitting on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and people shitting on Baldur's Gate 3, I always think to myself, "can't people enjoy both of those things?"
    And do those people who make fun of Baldur's Gate 3 actually take Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 seriously? I always thought that game was made to be intentionally stupid and doesn't take itself seriously.
    The same goes for the bear scene in Baldur's Gate 3 too.

    Honestly, I was thinking of writing a story that's like a 'furry version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3' to spite all those people. It's going to have male, female, and non-binary characters too!
    And their anthro forms are just going to be as attractive as their human ones!

    I'm probably alone in this...but no matter.

    I'm not the target audience for the Dead or Alive series, but still.
    (Reposting this to VocaVerse again (I posted this on Discord on the second attempt but deleted it again) since I can't decide for s***. If this is redundant and unnecessary, I'll take it down)

    I'm going to make the weirdest late Halloween comment I can think of in the Wilde Life comment section tomorrow
    Send me thoughts and prayers (I'm joking lol)

    Here's a snippet of the comment:
    "[...] Addendum:
    Off-topic, but...

    DISCLAIMER: Jokes will continue their normal schedule on Friday.

    Okay, I got an idea from my last post (which no one asked for) about a werewolf sphinx version of Clifford in my dream...
    ...Which one of Cliff's hypothetical (read: non-canon and merely made for shitand giggles) wolf forms do you guys want (why would anyone want these) for next Halloween, or should I say, HallOwOeen? /s ([stole that one from CS188]... I hate myself now) [...]"
    (Copy and pasted from the Wilde Life comment section)

    A few days ago, I had a dream about a nonexistent Wilde Life page. Sounds good, right?
    Well, no, as my mind's eye was treated to the sight of Clifford transforming...in a very weird way. Like, in a very, very, very, very, very weird way.
    The weirdest part about this was that Oscar was forced to watch the whole thing. The whole damn thing.
    Here's a mockup sketch of what I only remember from that dream. Bottom-left corner is my grandma's wooden toy I used to secure the page from flopping around in the wind from my electric fan.
    Forgive my poor handwriting and sketching.

    What I remember from the dream:
    - The (still functional) head of Cliff's human form was inside of his wolf form's mouth.
    - His wolf form's head was non-functional and didn't really do anything. Its mouth was wide open, showing Cliff's human head very clearly. Kind of like those masks that show the wearer's head from the mask's maw.
    - Cliff (his human form's head) was staring at Oscar with an unreadable expression.
    - And Oscar was just standing there with a blank expression.
    - Eliza was grabbing Oscar's arm, presumably trying to drag him away or to get him to stay there.
    - The entire atmosphere in the scene was just straight-up awkward. No features, no Swedish producers, and no trap beats. Just 100% pure, uncut awkwardness.

    For those who don't know, 'No features, no Swedish producers, and no trap beats. Just 100% pure, uncut awkwardness.' is a reference to Green Day's 'Father of All...' (an atrocious album, I've heard)
    There was a billboard with the slogan 'No features, no Swedish producers, no trap beats, 100% pure, uncut rock,' promoting the album.
    Predictably and understandably, it was ridiculed.

    If you guys want me to put the rest of the post over here too without getting the comic spoiled for you, please let me know.
    Screw it, I'm going to put it here since that's my responsibility.
    Does anybody know who owns the Project.9 record label?
    They seem to be distributed by Universal Music Group (the largest music company in the world as of writing. And they're also known for issuing copyright strikes on YouTube) and have NexTone as their publisher.

    Here's a search result on YouTube and a few of their uploads:


    煮ル果実 (NILFRUITS):

    WADATAKEAKI (Kurage-P):

    Here are some other examples of UMG's automatic uploads from UMG-owned labels (and a search result):
    Taylor Swift (Republic Records (her own label named after her on digital releases)):

    Lady Gaga (Streamline/Interscope Records):

    Olivia Rodrigo (Geffen Records (part of Interscope Geffen A&M Records)):

    Death Grips (Third Worlds/Harvest Records (part of Capitol Records [Capitol Music Group])):

    What's weird about Project.9 is that there's very little information about it. Like, there's nothing. I think they're owned by NexTone, but I'm not even sure. They seem to be distributed by UMG directly instead of one of their labels or distribution networks (Ingrooves and Virgin Music).
    For some reason, Okame-P's 奏でる命の音色 and My worth is death 2015 (2011 version here) always come to mind when I look at

    these two pieces of concept art depicting Oscar (Heyoka included)

    I think it's the color schemes, composition, facial expressions, and tears

    But the song linked in the second one (Valley of Decision by the Horse Thieves) tells a different story

    ...I have two three questions to ask (you don't have to answer the second one if you did and/or you didn't reveal the spoiler and checked out the links):
    A: Which favorite songs (by your producer of choice) do you think fit a scene/moment/character from your favorite pieces of media?
    B (for those who opened the spoilers, checked out the links, and opted to answer): Do you think the songs I listed here even remotely match the concept art? (Any answer is valid)

    I might just make a thread about the potential and various 'favorite VOCALOID songs + scenes/moments/character from favorite media' combinations soon if you guys want it.


    C: Do you guys want a thread about this topic?

    Hazuki no Yume wrote a translation for 奏でる命の音色 if you guys didn't know/and are curious
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