1. biyaonibakasan


    Hei Guys, my name is Biyaonibakasan. I make weird music and i like Gumi to sing my crappy songs for me!! :D Check my song i wanted to share which is "Make Me". Check my Newgrounds, that would be greatly appreciated .
  2. uncreepy

    Resource Explaining guitar for non-guitarists (rock, metal, acoustic)

    1) GUITAR 101 1a) Introduction Hi, everyone. I thought it would be helpful to provide breakdowns of memorable guitar parts from famous songs in order to help teach non-guitarists how to "think" like a guitarist. I noticed a lot of creators are interested in making rock or metal songs, but are...
  3. Daveybear_HTID

    Yuzuki Yukari "Colorful Pastel/カラフル・パステル" by Yokomin feat. Yuzuki Yukari

    As someone who loves both rock/metal and Yukari, Yokomin knows just how to deliver in those regards. Melodic, heavy, emotional. I love this guy's style. Subscribe to him if you haven't already~ Released: 5-Aug-2016
  4. aniforce

    【VOCALOID Original】To the World of Eternal Sleep (Eimin no Sekai e / 永眠の世界へ)【Haruno Sora V5 (JPN)】

    Hey! My new song and the first one in 2019. New Vocaloid 5 seems to be really cool! I hope you enjoy it! ^_^
  5. aniforce

    【VOCALOID Original】Before the Morning Comes (Asa ga Kuru mae ni / 朝が来る前に)【IA V3 (JPN)】

    My last original song this year. I hope next year will be even more productive for all of us! ^^^Happy New Year everyone! Let your dreams come true!^^^
  6. aniforce

    【VOCALOID Original】譫妄 (Senmou / Delirium)【IA V3 (JPN)】

    Hello again, after a few weeks of hard work I would like to present my new original song. ^_^
  7. aniforce

    【VOCALOID Original】深淵の端に (Shin'en no Hashi ni/On the Edge of the Abyss)【IA V3 (JPN)】

    Hello, everyone! Let me share with you my new original Vocaloid song!
  8. aniforce

    Endless Sky - My new original song (ft. Vocaloid IA)

    Hi again, let me share my new original song. Vocaloid IA. Rock style composition. I hope you enjoy it ^_^
  9. aniforce

    My own music + vocaloid IA

    Hi everyone, Some time ago I've started to create my own kinda rock style music and now I already have 3 tracks, so I would like to share it with you. Apprecciate any critics and advices! Thanks ^_^
  10. Orpheus

    【UTAUカバ-】Literary Nonsense 【Shin'nosuke Hankyo HORUS】

    This however is a bank that I released not so long ago, a lighter append