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  • "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." -Yogi Berra

    "You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six." - also Yogi Berra (probably)
    I have a PSA for everyone out there making original songs: Always check the tuning of your sampled library stuff. I've dug into some of my sampled library stuff again recently and have found a few samples from my strings, bass, choir, etc. packs that were out of tune as much as 5 or 6 cents. Pretty horrific.
    Finished my cover of the Christmas carol "We Three Kings". This is the most time that I have ever spent working on a Gumi track, both inside and outside of the Vocaloid software. Just need to make the video (throw some pictures together) for Youtube. Hopefully it will be done and uploaded by Friday morning! Also, on Bandcamp for free download. :gumi_lili:
    Well, I'm behind on my Christmas cover songs :sad:. Real life stuff, and the nut fell off of my standard scale guitar while restringing it. Luckily, I was planning on using my baritone anyway. Got that set up now, and hopefully I can release my cover of We Three Kings next Friday on my Youtube channel.
    Who'd be interested in some Gumi covers of public domain Christmas songs in my style (symphonic rock/metal)? I'd put them on Youtube, and you could download for free on Bandcamp. :gumi_lili:
    Just for curiosity, how will you approach finding public domain songs? Having done a bit of looking into this a long while back, the impression I got was that it can be really hard to tell what's actually in the public domain, since there's not really one definitive place to look for what is/isn't. Though with older/more traditional songs like Christmas songs, I imagine it would be a bit easier.
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    I'm not sure myself. I just searched for "christmas songs public domain", and I came across a very recent article on the CD Baby website, listing which popular Christmas songs are in the public domain, and which are not. I trust them, because they are a distributor and wouldn't want to mess that up for their customers. This will be the first time I try this out myself. I also think songs that are pretty old (classical works, or songs +100 years) are a safe bet, but there might be some surprises (like Happy Birthday as an infamous example, although it seems to be back in the public domain as of 2015). Of course, that doesn't stop most people from spamming covers of copyrighted content on Youtube :ROFL:. I would never want to use a cover of a composition in a commercial setting myself, unless I had permission.
    I received a message from someone who writes a column in a Metal/Rock Magazine reviewing newly released albums, and this person wanted to do a review of my self-titled album released yesterday...kind of exciting!
    My album's out! All tracks are on my Youtube channel, as well as places that require money. Preview video below

    :gumi_lili: Tomorrow (Friday) my album goes live! Gotta admit, I'm getting pretty excited, even though I've waited over 2 months. Hopefully 24 hours from now, everything will be ready to go, and I can just kick back and watch the plays rack up into the tens of thousands (or a few dozen, who's counting anyway?)
    I didn't know about 9/3 being the other Gumi Day until I read @Mika profile post. I just spent the past few hours throwing a 1 min rock song together, and I'll post it tomorrow sometime. I regret missing Gumi's birthday without doing anything creative for it, so this is the next best thing!
    Might not be the best day to do this with all the festivities of Hatsune Miku's birthday :miku_ani_lili:, but a new song from me is up (feat. :gumi_lili:). Sorry Miku. If I had you, I would have made a happy birthday song featuring your wonderful english voice.

    I have a new original song! Featuring Megpoid Gumi, from my upcoming album due Sept. 18th

    I created a thread in the Original section under the Studio forum.
    Hey everybody,

    My full length, self-titled, "symphonic metal" concept album (using Gumi English) is complete. I'm going to set the release date for sometime in September to give Bandcamp ample time to, hopefully, listen to and feature it (8-9 weeks is what they recommend). It will also give Spotify, Apple, and every other online music store time to do the same. It is a fairly long album (about 91 minutes), plus all the instrumental versions of the vocal tracks.

    Sometime near the end of August, I'll release 3 songs on Youtube (one per week , leading up to the release date). Then, I'll upload a teaser trailer a week before the date, and finally every track (with lyric videos) will be released to Youtube on my personal channel, and on my auto-generated artist topic channel.

    I wish I could upload the album to Bandcamp this week and be done with it, but it's been really hard for me to get views and plays anywhere. I need all the help I can get!
    Here is my channel if you want to subscribe and stay in the loop with me: An Ancient Legend, Long Forgotten. My EP can be found on there, as well as my bandcamp page: Prologue, by An Ancient Legend, Long Forgotten . I'm also on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, and other places. My links can be found on my About tab, or my signature under my posts.
    Thanks! :gumi_lili:
    I just signed up with bandcamp, and posted my EP: Here. Probably should have done that a month ago, but didn't think it was necessary, until someone on reddit asked if I was on it.
    I've uploaded a teaser of my upcoming album HERE , so that I will commit to finishing it by late summer. Hopefully I can do it. EDIT: I should mention there is no vocaloid in the teaser, but there will be in the album
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