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  1. M

    Collab Seeking Vocalists for youtube cover group [17+]

    Hey everyone! I am in search of a small group of Japanese and English vocalists to participate in making some hybrid song covers by mixing together some human voices with the voicebanks from Vocaloid/Synth V, ect... I think this could be a fun project and the recordings would be posted on...
  2. Nebula

    My 2nd Album, Across Dimensions has been released today

    My second album, Across Dimensions has now been released! You can purchase the album via Bandcamp by using the link below! I've put a lot of hard work into this album and I hope that it shows through the songs on this album, the songs can be streamed through Bandcamp, but I hope you guys...
  3. HoodyP

    【Kevin】 Family of Me: Extended Edit (from Over the Hedge)【SynthV Cover】 + SVP

    Read the description of the vid for SVP, credits and other tidbits about my life!
  4. v3xman

    【ELEANOR AI】 Waiting On a Miracle 【Synth-V Cover】

    I finished watching Encanto and this one's my favorite song so I made a cover of it using Eleanor AI, also to flex on my tuning skills (which I haven't used for a long while haha).
  5. lIlI

    Who is your favourite Synth V?

    Synth V's lineup expanded dramatically this year! So I thought it would be fun to run a poll on everyone's favourites so far. Optional extra questions: 1) Who's your favourite English Synth V? 2) Who's your favourite Chinese Synth V? 3) Who's your favourite Japanese Synth V? 4) Which future...
  6. RoidoP

    【Yamine Renri】 The Killer Bride OST - "Halik Sa Hangin" 【SynthV OPM Cover】

    I had fun using SynthV and Renri's R2 voicebanks here! :yaminerenri_lili: 🇵🇭
  7. Krathia

    【弦巻マキAI】Come Little Children【SynthV Cover】

    It's been a long time since the last time I was here. I'm not that active anymore, but I wanted to share this: It's my very first work with Maki, it could be better for sure, but I'm happy with her voice.
  8. S

    【Koharu Rikka AI】 Grand Escape by Radwimps (Synth V cover)

    I really loved the movies Your Name and Weathering With You, especially the soundtracks by Radwimps, so I wanted to tackle one of the songs. I'm also using Saki AI Lite and Yamine Renri for the background vocals. Originally, I wanted to use Vocaloid 5 Ken for the background vocal, but at this...
  9. v3xman

    【Maki AI English】Hello Kitty【Synth V Cover】

    I wanted to test Maki AI English so I dug through my old covers and found this song. Tbh I just want to see how much of the VSQx parameters get carried over to Synth-V but I got distracted by how well this turned out with minimal tuning.
  10. v3xman

    Miku, Oliver and Eleanor R2 - Can't Help Falling in Love

    I mixed all three up in one song so it's easier to hear the difference between Vocaloid3, Vocaloid4 and the new Synth-V. :D
  11. v3xman

    【Eleanor Gen 1】As the World Caves In【Synth V Cover】

    Here's my second try on Synth-V R1. I was halfway done with this song when I found out about the new Synth-V editor so I decided to finish it on R1 AND also work on it on SV Studio so it's going to be like a comparison. That one is probably going to be released two weeks from now. For now...
  12. v3xman

    【Eleanor Forte】Just the Way You Are

    This is a cover of Barry White's song. I used the original Synth-V editor cuz I didn't know there's Synth V Studio 🤦‍♀️ It's also my first time to use Synth V so I'm still getting used to it. I realized late in production that Eleanor's range can't reach the low notes, but hopefully I have a...
  13. spiderfriend

    vocal track not working?? (synthv)

    ok so i'm giving maki jpn a little test run with age age again but for some reason when i import the vsqx this happens it's missing the phoneme and waveform visualizations that are usually under the notes, and additionally the track does not make any sound no matter what singer i set it to...
  14. wrongpony

    Eleanor Forte – Fairy Notches | Synthesizer V original song / NES chiptune by ponyhafnium

    NES chiptune with lyrics written by artificial intelligence.
  15. SeleDreams

    Commission Opening original song commissions (Instrumental/With Vocals)

    I am opening song commissions ! As references here are some songs I made : Here are my prices and the vocaloid and synthv voicebanks I own (in case you want to commission a voiced song)
  16. spiderfriend

    having problems with renri setup

    trying to set up yamine renri for synthv but i keep getting this error message in the setup wizard despite having selected the correct folder: the file paths match and everything. not sure what's going wrong. can anyone help?
  17. Caize

    ANCHOR ft. Eleanor Forte

    sorry i'm not active on here, but i wanted to share this. it took a long time and i'm proud of it
  18. Jaxonloid

    Jaxonloid's covers

    Here I will post my vocaloid covers!
  19. Dallysynth

    Collab Synth V / CeVIO Cover Collaboration

    So the songs I want to collaborate on are フラーンフラーン~ゾンビー~ (Furan Furan Zombie / Rotten Rotten Zombie) and アカツキアライヴァル (Akatsuki Arrival / Daybreak Arrival). I have the SVP files for both of them ready. :) I'm not used to collaborating, but if you want to, DM me here or on Discord (Dally#0779)...