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【Synth V original】 Song o maturitě 【GENBU & Yamine Renri】

David K.

a Czech guy who likes vocal synths
Feb 15, 2019
Czech Republic
Hi guys, here's my new Czech Synth V original with GENBU and Yamine Renri! This song, called "Song o maturitě", is about the GCSE exam (in Czech, we call it "maturita"). It starts and ends with a parody of the well-known Japanese folk song Sakura, Sakura, but between those parts it's a completely original song. It was pretty difficult to make GENBU and Renri sing in Czech, but the song was fun to make. Actually I made this instrumental a long time ago, but I completely remade it and used it for this song. Even if you don't understand the Czech lyrics, you can:
  • just enjoy the song
  • try to sing along
  • snap the fingers to the rhythm
  • clap to the rhythm
  • dance to the song (like I did when I was making it)
  • love the song
  • hate the song
  • if you want to understand the lyrics, you can read the official English translation :wink:
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