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  • I finally finished my school projects! But still can't get the "I-vi-ii-V" chord progression out of my head... (it's a very common progression and it's used in one of my upcoming songs)
    My first UTAU original is out! This one is very unusual, because its a Czech/English duet of me and Neko Kanochi (some of my phrases are in Czech and some are in English, while Neko Kanochi sings completely in English). Originally, it was a Czech song, which was to be a part of my series of Level Crossing Songs on my railway channel, but it hasn't been released yet. I decided to make it more interesting: I kept the original instrumental as it is, only added some instruments to make the song sound richer, and made it into a duet of a real human and an UTAUloid. I hope you enjoy it :happy:
    Currently I'm working on a new version of my first SynthV Original, You Look Weird To Me. It will have a better tuning and improved instrumental. The new version will come along with the music video. The original version is here:
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