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【SynthV original】ソラニソラニ【Tsurumaki Maki AI】


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Jun 27, 2019

This is my first public vocal-synth track release since I swapped out all of my non-linear plugins for a fresh collection of different non-linear plugins that support oversampling.* The results are quite pleasing to my ears, with everything sounding much more clear and defined than previous efforts. Oversampling (where needed) is definitely not a gimmick!

Lyrics are by my usual collaborator, and they were written first, leaving me to compose music that fit his words. Although I think maybe he wanted a bit more guitar.

As for tuning, I used Saki AI’s auto-tuning and then swapped out her voice for Tsurumaki Maki AI. My reasoning for this is simply that I don’t like Tsurumaki Maki AI’s auto-tuning, while the Gen3 Saki AI auto-tuning is more in line with my personal tastes.

*Some of these “new”plugins I’ve had for a while, but I previously used them only occasionally—now I use them everywhere. Most Vocaverse regulars can probably guess the plugin development team's name.

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