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  • I always told myself that if/when Waves introduces scalable UIs to their plugins, I'll pay for the Waves Update Plan. Today they announced Waves v12 with scalable UIs.

    This made me happy, until I saw it in action.

    Instead of implementing truly scalable UIs, all Waves v12 does is upscale the existing UI into a blurry mess. No thanks.

    How can they be so many years behind on what has become a standard feature for other plugin companies?
    I stumbled across something that may prove useful to all you vocal-synth users: Reaper has a JS Plugin called "Transient Controller," which is explained in this video:

    However, while experimenting with "Transient Controller" on drums, I also discovered that it is useful for reducing vocal-synth plosives. All you have to do is reduce the "Attack (%)" slider to where you like it and all T, K, etc. sounds become less annoying.

    If you don't use Reaper, I believe it is also available in the ReaJS plugin that is part of the ReaPlugs VST package:

    Other transient shaping plugins may also do the same thing, but "Transient Controller" is free.

    Note that this does not fix sibilance. For that you'll still need a desser.
    Waves is giving away free Reason Lite serial codes to customers. I don't want mine. PM if you want the code. It's only valid until August 30. First come, first serve.
    I was about to take you up on the offer, then I was like “Wait: I AM a Waves customer.” :yohioloid_lili: This is a super good deal if anyone wants it! I highly recommend taking it.
    is this still available? :0
    Does anybody know if it's possible to turn the SynthV Studio stop button into a normal stop button instead of a senselessly infuriating stop button?
    Here's a very early clip from a new triple-collaboration song:

    The voice is Sake from SynthV Studio Pro, and the bass is real. Although I'm not doing the mixing/sound engineering, this time around I am doing the arranging in addition to the composition.
    Welp, my collaborator doesn't like the way Saki works well with our current project, so it's back to the old SynthV and Yamine Renri I go.
    Just got sent another draft of the triple-collaboration trance track that I'm participating in. Pretty cool stuff.

    Although, I'm torn on what to do for the vocal rendering. Currently I've drafted them with the oLd SkOoL SynthV Yamine Renri, but I want an excuse to use the shiny new SynthV Studio. When I buy it from Animen in the next few days it'll only have Genbu as a Japanese voice bank, and the song doesn't really suit a male voice. (Plus, he might not have the range.)

    Do we wait until Saki is released? Or will the new Yamine Renri magically appear in the next week?

    What to do, what to do...
    I guess it's safe to say that SynthV R2 looks more promising than Miku NT. Or is that an unpopular opinion?
    Welp, I finished making my video, but rendering will have to be postponed until this thunderstorm passes by. I don't want to lose power partway through...
    So there I was, googling for papers relevant to my dissertation, and on page three of my google results was this webpage:

    All I have to say is: Yikes!
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    Do they think teachers don't know how their students write by the end of the semester and wouldn't catch onto this in a heartbeat? I graded papers for five teachers for a year and a half, and even I could pick up on when services were used.
    Blue Of Mind
    Blue Of Mind
    I used to get ads for those stupid services on Facebook, and I always wondered why they existed when lecturers aren't stupid and can tell if someone else has colluded with an assignment.
    This is the first time I've run into anything like that. I guess I'm not too surprised that they exist, but I am surprised that Google thought I'd be interested.
    Wasn't there someone on here complaining that you can't draw pitch directly onto SynthV's piano roll? Because I just found out that you can do that by selecting "Freehand (overlay)". And I'm glad I found that because I really needed it.
    Honestly this feature alone is one of the reasons I love SynthV... I'm terrible with VOCALOID-style pitch tuning and prefer being able to do things exactly so it's perfect for me.
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    i've only owned synthV for a few days but i recently found this too!! what a life saver, i agree with @xuu vocaloid pitch tuning is hell. although the one thing i miss from UTAU is having what they called 'S curves'. it looks like in synthV the only way to draw pitches is freehand it or linear (and something else maybe).

    i mean, i can still mimic S curves in synthV by freehand but that takes :sick: effort
    I use a Wacom digitizing tablet, which really helps for drawing pitches.

    It also helps with note entry when doing notation, which is why I bought a digitizing tablet in the first place. In fact, it's also great with DAWs, with a few niggles here and there.

    I have finally completed all three movements of my concerto for double bass. Now I can resume work on my vocal synth projects with a clear mind.

    There are four SynthV originals in the pipeline, all at various stages of completion. Two are a collaboration between myself and my usual lyric writer; one is a solo project; and one is a triple collaboration between myself, my usual lyric writer, and a double bass player. Yup, that double bass player is the same person for whom I wrote the aforementioned concerto. And it turns out they are an excellent sound engineer who likes messing with analog (modeled) synths. Stay tuned!

    And in case anyone is interested, here is the double bass concerto:

    Valhalla have released a new delay VST called Supermassive, and it's free:
    I realize this has nothing to do with vocal synth stuff, but I finally finished the second movement to my double bass concerto:

    The other two movements are still awaiting final revisions, as well a cadenzas.

    Writing a concerto for double bass was tricky not only because it's a low-pitched instrument, but also because it doesn't have a lot of overtones. This means it's easily drowned out by other instruments, which makes orchestration an interesting challenge.

    As for vocal synth stuff, I have three songs at various stages of completion. One should be done soon...
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