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tsurumaki maki

  1. Vepar

    【Tsurumaki Maki AI Complete】BALLOON【Synthesizer V Cover】

    Got Maki on the day of her release and just got around to using her, I thought I'd share my work with you guys too! Enjoy!
  2. sketchesofpayne

    Other AH-Software Co Ltd Merchandise, Collaborations, and Promotions

    Daruma Audio Announces Koharu Rikka and Tsurumaki Maki Headphones Details on their official twitter. A release event was held at Shibuya Loft9 with music demos and themed drinks. (pic via twitter)
  3. I

    【SynthV original】ソラニソラニ【Tsurumaki Maki AI】

    This is my first public vocal-synth track release since I swapped out all of my non-linear plugins for a fresh collection of different non-linear plugins that support oversampling.* The results are quite pleasing to my ears, with everything sounding much more clear and defined than previous...
  4. spiderfriend

    vocal track not working?? (synthv)

    ok so i'm giving maki jpn a little test run with age age again but for some reason when i import the vsqx this happens it's missing the phoneme and waveform visualizations that are usually under the notes, and additionally the track does not make any sound no matter what singer i set it to...
  5. S

    【Synth V Tsurumaki Maki English AI lite】 Last Girl (cover of song by Soccer Mommy)

    I've pre-ordered Tsurumaki Maki, but I feel the need to do something until it's available this Friday!