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Sep 16, 2019
Kat I forgot to thank you for posting that doujin I haven’t gotten the time yet but I’m so excited to read it!!! And I appreciate you always finding such great KaiMiku stuff 🥺 I have been obsessed with becoming potatoes lately so that cover is perfect! They sound so good 💚💙
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Not An Actual Phoenix
Apr 8, 2018
Ryusouta (a pretty good Vocaloid cover artist) just dropped a Catastrophe cover with Kaito V1 and Miku NT! :miku_ani_lili::kaito_ani_lili:

Honestly, this is one of the best uses of NT I've heard so far. And I love that even across so many engines, KaiMiku still sound amazing together! :love:
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Apr 8, 2018
Happy Kaimiku Day (01/23) guys!!! :kaito_ani_lili::miku_ani_lili:

(Well, it's no longer KaiMiku day in Japan anymore but it still is in my timezone so HEY WHATEVER)

So many more artists did something for Kaimiku Day this year! You can just check this tag #01月23日はミクさんとKAITO兄さんの日 or the regular Kaimiku tag #カイミク if you wanna see all the stuff! I'm really starting to see this day gain traction compared to last year and it's HYPE. I really hope this becomes a regular actual thing!

This one might be my fav though because it's adorable.

But yeah, as promised, I had the other comic by r_siori translated. This one's called Kimi to Tsumugu ha Ai no Uta ("I Compose A Love Song With You") and can be found on pixiv here!

I hope you enjoy all the food we got today, friends! Now g2g, I gotta work on my own fashionably late Kaimiku Day project HAHAHA



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Apr 9, 2018
A new KaiMiku cover from me with special thanks to Kat for the instrumental correction and the PV. They look so beautiful in those clothes and dancing together~

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Sep 20, 2021
Hi everyone, I actually am a KaiMiku shipper myself and this artist is one of my favorites, Jade S. If you are probably wondering who, it’s the vocaloid producer with a style unlike any other. Jade S. is a huge inspiration for me since listening to the Lost One’s Weeping cover (seriously go check it out, it’s amazing) and got me into the ship I love to this very day. She also does other covers with her favorite vocaloid, you guessed it, Fukase! Hope you all having a wonderful day, bye.:miku_ani_lili::kaito_ani_lili:

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