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SynthV Medium⁵ Updates/Discussion Thread (Quadimension voices)


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Apr 11, 2018
I have a question regarding the way plus banks are gotta get distributed.
For what was said for now people that already have the STD banks will get the AI PLUS for free and the ones that don't when purchasing will get both VBs in the same purchase?

The only MEDIUM5 I have so far is Stardust Infinity so I had that doubt since I really want Cangqiong and maybe Chiyu in the future.
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From what I know:
1. Those who purchased the STD voicebanks on TaoBao will get the updates for free, Anicute has no idea if they will get the updates since Quadimension has not been interested in dealing with them lately (not even enough to sell Stardust Infinity)
2. After the updates are released, all subsequent buyers of the voicebanks will get the STD and AI voicebanks together, but for a raised price. I assume this means from 749 yuan to 812 yuan, since that's how much Stardust Infinity is (or maybe more because of the STD voicebanks in addition?)
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Apr 8, 2018
Muxin my beloved............. I love seeing these, makes me hope that the Plus banks really are coming! I need to hurry up and buy his standard lol
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