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VOCALOID Pokemon feat. Hatsune Miku Project Voltage


Apr 13, 2018
Giga delivering a banger, as usual.

It doesn't appear to be up on streaming services so far, unfortunately.
the Pokemon songs are available on Karent (and probably on other services as well) after about 1 day ^-^
this the link for Giga's song :miku_lili: :len_smile_lili::rin_smile_lIlI:
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Apr 13, 2018
tomorrow's issue of Famitsu magazine will have a special 64 pages of Project Voltage, featuring illustrations and commentary from over 40 artists, producers interviews, B5 poster and more news(●'◡'●)🎁🎈

and..new artwork!!(^∀^●)ノシ

an extract from the long Famitsu interview with Wataru Sasaki and other Crypton and Pokemon staff:
--Honestly, I think it's very difficult and difficult to do such a big collaboration. What was the source of Matoba's motivation?

Matoba: As a general premise , I am not only a Pokemon producer, but also a person who loves Hatsune Miku and the culture surrounding her. I've been following Hatsune Miku ever since she appeared in this world, and in fact, I even composed a little song and had her sing it. I'm really scared because I'm working with so many creators.

Our mission is to allow people to enjoy the game music of the Pokémon series, which has been created over a long history, in a way that suits the modern scene, and to rediscover its charm. This may be a bit of a rough statement, but I believe that one of the main stages of the modern music scene is the Internet. It would be a lot of fun for Pokémon, Pokémon music, and the fans who love them, to be able to work with Hatsune Miku, who has continued to shine brightly ever since her birth, and all the creators who are with her. Isn't it possible? That's what got me thinking.

――Pokémiku has received a bigger response than originally expected, but do you see it expanding further in the future?

Matoba: Unfortunately, I cannot give you any concrete answers at this time ! With that in mind, we believe that there are still many possibilities for a collaboration between Pokémon and Hatsune Miku, and if possible, we would like to explore some kind of development.

If everyone's posts on SNS, video plays, etc. accumulate, it might lead to something. Of course, I'm just grateful that you can enjoy the illustrations, songs, and music videos that came out. We also look at SNS comments and tweets as much as possible to keep us energized, and I may have read almost everything by now. The same may be true for all creators. We are very grateful for the high expectations you have placed on us, and we will do our best to meet them in the future.

Sasaki: is an undeniable fact that thanks to everyone's support, there is a precedent for the appearance of PiaPro characters in support illustrations. We hope that you will continue to raise your voice so that we can continue to create new developments. Personally, I would like to do something that will broaden my horizons.

Matoba : I believe that this interview on Famitsu and the big feature on Weekly Famitsu at the beginning of the year were made possible because of everyone's support. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you would continue to post your opinions and impressions on SNS using #PokeMiku. I'm humbled by the fact that I'm relying on the voices of not only Hatsune Miku but also fans of both parties, but the more responses I get, the more I might be able to connect to the next one...!

--Thank you very much from Famitsu. Let's use the "voices" of us fans to lead to the future development of PokéMiku!! Finally, could you give us a message to our readers?

Sasaki: I think you have come into contact with many works and creators through Pokemiku. I would be happy if even just a few of them decided to share their ideas and become creators themselves. I believe that such people will support the Pokemon and Miku of the next generation. I hope more people will want to be involved in some form of work with what they love.

Matoba : Once again, thank you very much for your support so far. We are doing our best to answer the question "What do you think would happen if Pokémon and Hatsune Miku collaborated?" There is no correct answer. If there's even one thing in "Pokémiku" that you like, I'd be happy if you could watch it, listen to it, talk about it over and over again, and express your love for it in your own way. We will continue running to entertain you no matter what. Of course, while having fun ourselves.

We would appreciate it if you could continue to participate in the festival-like experience of expanding the world and possibilities of “Pokémon feat. Hatsune Miku” expressed by all the wonderful creators. Together with Pokemon and Hatsune Miku, we will continue to deliver a variety of creative works that exceed your expectations and imagination. Please continue to increase the voltage and enjoy!
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No Miku, no life.
Apr 8, 2018
Cute video and nice song. Excited to see what the last mystery song will be. I have some hopes for maybe "the return" of Kz? Sounds like a good final choice to me, but that's just my hope and speculation.

So far I have loved this colaboration. I have lots of problems with modern Pokemon, like many people, and cooperations like this can seem like a "cashgrab" sometimes, but this really was a good one for sure in my opinion. Lots of feelings of nostalgia for two great "franchises" and it gave us so many great songs (and videos), what't not to love. I still listen to these songs all the time.

That's also (completely off topic, but I haven't posted here in a while so I thought I might as well) the core reason I don't completely hate "Project Sekai". I am still sad that it pretty much killed modern Project Diva, and a mobile game like that just will never interst me much and I don't care for the other "idols" in the game. But it does one thing all the time: have great vocalo-p's produce great new songs (and there always seems to be a Vocaloid only version). And that is the most important thing to me.


OSTER project fan!!!
Oct 13, 2023
I was surprised with some of the musicians chosen to do this collaboration? Since I expected only artists who traditionally do big collabs- but I think they picked a nice spread of music styles and vocals. (Ballad, Rap, Pop, EDM) all things considered!! Iyowa is one of my favorite musicians so i'm happy he's having so many successes too. 💞

I wish Kikuo or Oster had a song, since I enjoy their style and both of them are pokefans/have done commission songs for companies. I think they would have been somewhere in the middle though, so I assume the finale's going to be a big musical artist. Maybe Ayase? Kz is another good choice!

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