Real-time voice conversion software aimed at VTubers called "Voidol"

I checked Twitter and YouTube, but only 1 person has purchased/shown results of using the Voidol VST.

12:30 (timestamped) is an original song with BGM using the two simpαtix girls.
13:55 is the raw Voidol VST voice with no BGM.

The VST sounds mechanical with loud noises in it like standalone Voidol normally does. But it seems that music covers up the errors a bit.

This is still the only other example we have:

I really feel like Voidol over-compensates for guy voices by making them a little too high pitched.

Still waiting on Amazon.
I have no clue, it's not like Voidol really even has settings (literally all you can do is change the room echo, space, and noise gate, nothing else). I think sometimes it sounds bad when people don't test out those settings, but Crimson Technology also recommends a cardioid mic, so maybe they just have a REALLY GOOD mic, better than what most people can afford?

My sister had a tinfoil hat theory that the drums were covering up the mechanical error sounds. LOL
I made a thread on Twitter with videos showing test conversions of pretty much every combination you can think of (vocal synth to Voidol for each gender, speaking and singing), please click this tweet to be taken to the thread:

There are 13 videos there, so I'd say it's about 20 min worth of audio.

Turning off LIMITER is the only thing that improved sound quality. Changing GV Coefficient and OFFSET GAIN only affect input/output volume. Changing NOISE GATE makes it so that Voidol can't detect certain sounds and it makes dialogue have choppy gaps of silence. So this is the best I could do. You probably could add effects in your DAW relating to echo to try to make it sound better.

I want to test adding BGM to see if it covers up some of the bad sounds, but I am too tired from recording all of that to do it right now.
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Apr 17, 2021
Hi, i'm curious about this. Does this VTuber use Voidol? It sounds amazing :
That was a joke, she turned on a bad voice changer as the comments express. The vtuber is a girl.

hi can you help me buy voidol please I want it and I can't buy it
You have to make a fake Japanese Amazon account, and then keep trying until it works (took a while before mine did).


Are there any good alternatives to Voidol?
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Apr 17, 2021
Thanks for your help,

I tried your method with Audacity but as I didn't have the same settings as you (Sound Blaster & Stereo Mix) I came up with something else.
I used a virtual audio cable you can find and download here : VB-Audio Virtual Apps
I think you will have to restart your computer after downloading it.
With this you have 2 things : CABLE Input and CABLE Output.

By applying the output of Voidol as CABLE Input and the microphone of discord as CABLE Output, it works and does the voice conversion.
Moreover, you don't hear yourself talking, as you mentioned, it is pretty hard to speak while hearing yourself.

I don't have a real mic though, only a microphone on my headphone. Do you think there's a lot of difference between the two ?
Thanks, this helped a lot!!

Thanks to uncreepy too, for the thread and all the other advice! :)


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Apr 17, 2021
It's not too bad (I've gotten Yukari and Akari, Akari Male 1 is working the best for me), but it still has massive amounts of noise. I'm going to try to fix this with some software, and an audio box and pop filter that I've ordered earlier today, and eventually a better (but not fantastic) mic (currently using an MDrill Thronmax One)

I think I'd maybe be willing to buy one more voice, does anyone know if any particular voice has noticeably less noise errors? :)
Long term the solution seems to be learning Japanese faster for text-to-speech, while waiting for English text-to-speech voice changers to arrive.

Gonna try this first! How to remove background noise in OBS Studio? Alternative way | Krisp
Result: It does not work well, there's simply a lot of noise, I suspect from the AI itself. Text to speech and voice acting remain the way to go for now?

Unless someone knows a better real-time voice changing program than Voidol WITH an English interface lol. :)
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AUDIOBOX + VOIDOL (My settings)
1. Audiobox = Behringer U-Phoria UM2
2. How to connect audiobox to your computer = Printer cable (A-Male to B-Male)

3. Cardoid mic = Behringer XM8500
4. How to connect mic to audiobox = XLR male to female microphone cable


5. Pop filter
6. Foam mic cover
7. Mic stand


You can NOT record audio in standalone Voidol, I connect Voidol to Audacity.
In Audacity:
(The input device is my sound card. "What U Hear" might be called "Stereo Mix" on your computer.)


Note: If you are confused by virtual cables, please see my tutorial about using a virtual cable with a different voice converter called Koigoe (post #7 and #8):

Please read the thread, it has lots of videos!

If your computer is not set to Japanese language, the plug-in has square text
You can use pre-recorded audio (ex: someone else's voice clip) and convert it. It does not have to be used in real-time (ex: live stream).
Apparently they made Voidol 2. Here is the page about it:

Scroll down to "Voidol2 試用版ダウンロード Windows" to download it. The trial is limited to a whopping 2 minutes long, though!

Crimson Technology made an introduction about it. This tutorial sounds pretty bad/not very convincing, but it sounds way less mechanical/error-ridden than current Voidol.

This person's video sounds much better:

This is Crimson Technology's tutorial on how to use it:

The update is NOT free. It will be available at a discount for people who already have it until December 26th. The product will be on sale during the 1st part of November (somewhere between the 1~10th).
(I am mad because if I buy Voidol 2, then I will have purchased Voidol THREE TIMES. 1st was Standalone, 2nd was VST version that forced you to also buy standalone, now a 3rd time?)

There is going to be an English female voice named Sophia Lambfield (blonde). You can hear her here: ソフィア・ラムフィールド
The other girl is Urala Otomiya (Iroha Otomiya's younger sister). You can hear her here: 音宮うらら

I'm still reading the info & trying to figure out the prices, but it looks like preordering is like 8800 yen until the 20th and when it really comes out, it will cost around $120ish. I'm too annoyed to look into this more right now. : /


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Jul 14, 2018
voidol is such a cool concept, like for real if i could turn on a program to make myself sound different id buy it in a heart beat. but it seems pretty clear that kinda tech isnt very good right now... and im surprised voidol costs so much for a tool that really doesnt sound great lol, like the point is to convince people its real but i havent heard a sample that doesnt sound incredibly glitchy or robotic... oh well. its definitely something ill keep an eye on over time but i just cant see it being very useful in its existing state
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