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Teru's Art Thread

Helloooo! I'm Teru and I draw a lot of Vocaloid. Mainly Kaito and Rin, and mainly my own versions of them, ahaha.

I post this stuff on my art blog first usually or sometimes the related ask blogs.

I'll start by posting some older art first~.

First off: A couple designs from last year, January 6th, 2017. My Kaito and Rin, but for a Neopets Paintbrush Color meme that was on Tumblr. Kaito's design is based on the Faerie paint brush, Rin's on the Darigan paint brush!


And a couple pics from another Kaito of mine...

hoverimage.png float.png
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Whoops, haven't posted in a while!

First off: last month I was pondering Kageito's for my Kaito muses (I like the derivatives okay,) and, given how they are with my main Kaito (mansion Kaito), their Kageito ended up looking... more monstrous for one thought.

Next, currently there's a Beach event going on in the tumblr Vocaloid ask blog community! I ended up drawing Rin and Kaito's beachwear before May ended for the sake of reference.


Kai's is outright based on that outfit for Kaito for the Vocalonation album, but edited more to how Kai's V1 outfit looked. , Rins is based off of this module.

Also,Pride icons for Rin and Kai!

For specifics: Rin's an Ace Demi-Lesbian (or, demihomoromantic but, _eh_ to that naming), demigirl/nonbinary (sticks with those two,), Kai's AroAce and Agender~.

And!! A silly, kinda lazily done but still glad I finished since I never finish videos that aren't a single image video!

Check this tag to the post for context. Basically someone asked them to sing World is Mine for ice cream. (the cover is.. basically a plug n play bc I didn't want to take too long on making this at all)

Some drawings from the past month--

A Rin expression for an expression meme on Tumblr!

Yandekai's design for an Undertale AU with some friends--- He's kind of in Papyrus's place? Well, 'kind of', given how our AU works and all. I debated on making his outfit more like Papyrus's, but decided to pretty much go about it how his 'place' in it is-- Still him and his own thing, but with some slight Papyrus 'cues'.

sooooo this thing actually came up from an unrelated thought, kinda meaning to be more of a monstersona for me, but then I spur of the moment decided to record an UTAU so I guess this'd be their design.

Kinda has no name right now though since I can't... think of any(awful with names,) and just going by 'Teru' for them would be confusing.

I tested the voice out a couple times, the first one here, and the second one here(which I kinda like better).

I've had something of an art block for the past... week-ish (I blame Post Miku-Expo recuperation, went to the Austin one on the 8th and it was SO GOOD but I exhausted myself so much asdfgfd it took that whole next week to get recuperated enough physically and mentally,) so I took a sketch I did of a mansion Meiko design and decided to color it, and add a bit of extra ref for the gloves and stuff.

It's not like, too special? Pretty simple, but works.


Apr 9, 2018
Good stuff, as usual! I really enjoy seeing your art style. :mirai_ani_lili:

What about naming your UTAU "Terror"? (Kind of combines Mirror + Teru.) Your UTAU sounds really soft and unique to me, makes me wanna try out the software when I have more time. @@;
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Good stuff, as usual! I really enjoy seeing your art style. :mirai_ani_lili:

What about naming your UTAU "Terror"? (Kind of combines Mirror + Teru.) Your UTAU sounds really soft and unique to me, makes me wanna try out the software when I have more time. @@;
---Omg. I like that! A fun mashup, while also fitting in being a... weird monster thing, as well as a little ironic since I consider most of the doodles of them kinda cute hahaha
thank you! This yield doesn't have more Rin, but I'll probably draw more of her soon since I have some things kind of in the planning stage.

For now, though--

One all-nighter like... a couple mornings? ago? I had the urge to maybe start on a Tale of Moonlit Abandonment cover with Kaito, and had the thought of it being two of my Kaito's in Len and Rin/Hansel and Gretels places, ahaha. These are wonky doodles and I'm not sure when I'll actually finish the cover, but. It's an idea at least.

I used this as a pose ref. I've had a hell of a drawing block, but I think I'm pushing out of it.

First off, this one was specifically for Zeito's birthday, I wanted to push something for him. Even if that yoyo trick is... probably incorrect, ahaha.
Then, the next day, though I sketched them both at the same time, I decided to doodle mansion Zeito-- or the Zeito connected to my Kaito/mansionkai. He has reasons of looking like this, and the other derivatives connected to Kai are similar in that sense too, I also tried floofing his hair more to make it look closer to Kai's a bit.
It just occurred to me that I haven't posted to this thread in a long while, whoops.

I did a pic for Love Love Nightmare for that collab. Spooky Miku's all the time,

For the Octoberloid2018 event on Tumblr, they dressed as Samekichi and Wadanohara from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea! (also, alternate colors here)

I ended up listening to South North Story while drawing this a lot haha. I don't wanna ramble on here(I do that enough on my art blog), but basically: two alternate versions of the 'same' Rin, though they're a little different for various reasons. Multiverse and timeline and meta weirdness.

just a normal kaito, what are you talking about.
more timeline weirdness. they're an 'alternate' mkai, but they're not a good kaito. Though they do pretty much look just like a normal V1 Kaito/'Young' Kai.





I wanted to doodle their scarf-arms-minus scarf. I rambled a bit about it in a seperate post on the blog.

I glanced at some of DSP's art and got the urge to sketch with the binary tool. Kai and Ralsei!Rin/Rui.

Aaaannnd I did this today. Just kinda experimenting a little out of boredom


New Fan
your kaito art is so good. especially plain smiling!kaito. just, bro he's so good
and mothy fanart!!! NICE :clara_ani_lili: and that miku fanart is just amazing, love the pose and the choice of colors(and the tie!!)
i'm clueless on deltarune, but they look pretty cool too!
it's really nice to see your improvement over the months!

so yeaaa. good work and keep on drawing? i guess it's kinda weird to get that from a stranger lol
oh my goodness I haven't posted here in a couple years, though to be fair my laptop completely broke down the end of 2018 so.

but now Ihave an older laptop working, AND an ipad to draw on!! so!!!

Selective Art Dump!!

Doodles from what I call a modelswap AU--- my main Kaito as a Rin, main kaito V3 as a Len, and main Rin as a Kaito-- because it's fun.

A KAITO design I did for a collab on Twitter last year. Called Galaxy Star for-- obvious reasons, haha.
It's also free to use? Just mention me somewhere or somethin', haha.

So there's that one heartless in that KH mobile game-- and. With its ice cream looking design, how could I not draw a Kaiko in a similar outfit?

A design touch-up/cleanup somewhat for my Rin. Or-- given their world, Soleil as I'll call her now. It would be confusing if every Rin in a world with Multiple Rin's was called Rin, after all.

..oh god, now Rin doesn't look like a real name--

An updated sidebar image for their ask blog on Tumblr! Kai and Sol, heck yeah.

Okay so these are very much inspired by the Drastic Measures of Ignorance designs. They're also specifcially story-purpose, with an ongoing RP with friends for their world and all.


the Reversal Rin is Sol. Emergency Len is Nova.

Also yeah, it's Rin, Len, Gakupo, and Sweet Ann. Random selection, perhaps, but kind of based on favorites and 'who do we not see a lot of' for our rp group. (Also Sol and Nova are important, so.)

this year has certainly been something, huh.

villain Lilith. (lilith being the name for the rin!kai)
It's how I visualize an... ability of theirs.

if it isn't obvious I very much love sliding my BS to normal Vocaloid things. this is, technically, an AU for these two.
But for the purposes of a happy KAITO anniversary pic, that isn't too important. :' )

okay despite the spoiler name this pic was NOT intended to be based on monika or ddlc or anything, I just wanted to draw creepy glitch glitch mode Kai.


I realized like a couple weeks later looking at it that it sure had those vibes so uh. Whoops? Haha...

this is probably towards Kai, though I don't actually have context for this. Sol's a very determined Rin who cares about her big sibling a lot.

honestly, a favorite design of mine for an AU Kai. Also, The Other Side by Pendulum is a good song.

I don't think I've given context to this anywhere where I've posted it.


another creepy Kai, of which I've given two completely different unrelated contexts for in places I've upload it.

The truth is it literally is just a generic creepy Kai pic. But it could fit a few different situations with that expression.

The outfit is fun and I love my boy.

I never really attached to having much of a Len muse until him.

Sol's Magical Girl outfit, due to developments in the Rp! It's based from her original Vocast outfit, but like, light themed instead. The film reels are because of her original powers, while the magical girl abilities adds on basically white mage powers.

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