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The Vocal Synth Calendar: Keep up with upcoming releases and events


Dec 26, 2020
United States
Sure, fanmade events are welcome!

So, probably most of us have heard of VocaSphere before. They have an event called Vocarnival, a non-profit fan event that celebrates underrated vocal synth characters (mostly those who haven't gotten an upgrade). They took the lead from Vocafest (which is now a vocal synth fan event boosting account on Twitter and not an event anymore). They have an artzine and a charm contest (I'm pretty sure you can only submit for the Oliver and CUL artzines but you can't submit for the charm contest for each because the deadline extension passed 6 days ago at the time of posting this reply.). You can also submit original and cover songs too. According to the FAQ, it says that they try to focus on characters that wouldn't get official celebrations by their companies, then they try to balance which characters will do and will not do, and choose the characters they think will do okay. They have 4 events so far:
  • :ruby_lili: (Her event is called Ruby Gala, and it's the first one they ever did. fun fact: her voice provider was involved in this)
  • :dex_lili: & :daina_lili: (their event is called Dex & Daina Bash. Again, Ruby's voice provider was also involved in this)
  • :piko_lili: (His event is called Piko Palooza, which happened because he was discontinued last year)
  • :seeu_lili: (Her event is called SeeUBration. I'm pretty sure they wanted to celebrate the first Korean Vocaloid. Even though there is an official event by her company now, she was also chosen because she's probably underrated, which I feel like she is nowadays. Also this is a recent one.)
So now we have events for :oliver_lili: and :cul_lili: coming up. (Respectively, their events are Oliversary and FestiCUL.) According to the schedule, it seems that the voting for the charm contests for each event happens on November 14-November 27. The winners from each event will be announced a day later, November 28. Everything else (the artzine and song entries) from each event would be due on December 4. And finally, on Oliver's anniversary (December 21), they will launch the Oliversary site where you can view basically every entry submitted, including the charm contest entries. Same goes for a day later on CUL's anniversary as well.

I also forgot to mention that each vocal synth character has a design made specifically for the events that they have.

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