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VOICEVOX News and Discussion Thread


Sourin and Ryuusei Luvr
May 6, 2022
VOICEVOX Nemo finally released, they have one more additional female vocal compared to the initial lineup announced after the contest.

Aoyama Ryusei's Vocal Modes formally announced after being teased.
・ノーマル - Normal, his default state
・熱血 - Eager
・不機嫌 - Grumpy
・喜び - Happy
・しっとり - Mellow
・かなしみ - Melancholy/Sadness
・囁き - Whisper
Melancholy/Sadness is a new one that was not included with the vocal modes they teased back in july. These vocal modes are basically done and they will be rolling out early access just like they did with kotarou and takehiro!

Goki's vocal modes are also done! Aside from the Oni vocal mode (to match the Anthro and Plush Vocal Modes) they announced during Tsuina's crowdfund earlier this year, Goki will also be receiving a Mad vocal mode in the voice style of the Anthro.
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