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Other VOX Factory: A New Korean AI Vocal Synth by AudAI

aru ii

Your Neighborhood Tianyi Enthusiast!
Feb 12, 2021
After like 10 or smt years since Vocalina died a new Korean synth popped up hghgdfhfbhrefg
There are 3 released singers: Hodong (Korean, Female, Pop), Siae (Korean, Female, Rock) and Nime (Korean, Male, R&B).
There's also 1 upcoming singer: Lica (English, Female. R&B).

So far it is in beta, and you can only try it on you browser. I don't know if there are plans to releace it on PC. There's also a Discord server where u can ask questions about VOX Factory.

Since quite a few people are concerned about this stuff, one of the developers spoke out abut it.
I'm glad that they're gonna have an actual artist draw the character illustrations on release.


Hardcore Fan
Apr 11, 2018
It sounds promising and I was a bit sad it was AI-generated art but since they plan to have an actual artist to make the job then it means they'll go the ethic way next time

(Also lowkey wishing Vora and Khylin could be brought back on that synth -or on another synth- but it's more of a vain wish ;.;"' )


Sourin and Ryuusei Luvr
May 6, 2022
(Also lowkey wishing Vora and Khylin could be brought back on that synth -or on another synth- but it's more of a vain wish ;.;"' )
Apparently their IP holders are satisfied with them being usable on Vocalina through special means, not saying its impossible but I guess there really isn't an incentive for them to port to another engine...


New Fan
Jun 24, 2021
The Vox Factory update is out! And they indeed get new arts that look so good
View attachment 7785
Oh WOW, they all look really cute!!! I really appreciate them not only doing this, but having made a statement about it earlier too, and I've actually got quite a bit of faith in this team because of that - genuinely hoping that this project goes far! It's great to see a new vsynth that isn't just trying to compete, but actually has a step up on all the others by being the ONLY current commercial AI synth (at least, I think so) to support Korean. With the recent news about Uni too, I certainly wouldn't mind if their company looked a little into this synth, or at least hope that the existence of this may push other vsynths to keep progressing in terms of languages, because I know I'm not the only one who thinks it would be great.

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