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Who is your favorite UTAU?


Likes Engloids way too much
Apr 8, 2018

This is a place to post about what UTAU(s) you like! Feel free to post examples of their voice and say why you like them if you want!

My favorite has been Soboroppoino since 2017! He's a really obscure UTAU who only has a few uses on niconico, but he's so special to me...

He has one of my favorite voice types, and a huge range. I really do need to use him more!


kiyoteru enthusiast
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Apr 8, 2018
I answered your post on VA but didn't link any examples, so I'll do that now!

Denka Sen is my favorite! Pretty unique and versatile voice, and he has kinda somewhat decent popularity (at least in the Japanese community, his tag has over 100 videos in it which imo isn't too bad? idk how to judge utau popularity though). His creator is friends with the creators of Tyaroemon and Shione Lt, and they've used him before. Matsudappoiyo's creator has used him before as well.

I actually found him through the weekly Vocaloid/Utau rankings a long time ago (2013) when Matsuda Toki's cover was #1 in the Utau category. I immediately took a liking to his voice -- it's only by pure coincidence when I looked up his full design later that turns out.... he wears... glasses.....

His most popular usage, done by Matsuda Toki (Matsudappoiyo's creator):

Some other usages I like:
Alkali Adult cover by Pim
Buriki no Dance cover by Pim
Shokushitsu wa Ao ni Naru cover by SaltP (also ft. Shione Sal)
Girl Eraser / Shoujou Keshigomu cover by Kunikida (Sen's VP, also ft. Kyone Killy -- Toudou Charo did the illustrations/video)

He also has a whisper bank!
Yoru no Ikimono cover by SaltP
Aisowarai cover by Kunikida
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fly like a butterfly
Apr 8, 2018
Overall, I think Number Bronze is my favourite UTAU voice. I'm really shocked, because as I went to her website to collect information for this post, I found she recieved her first new voicebank in over a year. At current count, she has 16 standalone multipitch CVVC voicebanks, 3 standalone multipitch VCV voicebanks, a multiexpression voicebank called beach which includes a multipitch VCV as well as 4 CVVC voicebanks of varying amounts of pitches, 2 different breath voicebanks, a voicebank purely made of consonants, a monopitch whisper voicebank, as well as a strange type of voicebank called Nucleosynthesis, which comes in VCV and CVVC varieties though I'm unsure what's special about them. On her website the voicebanks are ranked on scales of [piano]←→[forte] and
[bitter]←→[sweet]. Maybe the goal is to have one for each combination...?

This is her beach voicebank in action.
Her voicer and creator, trigger, does not seem to have any public-facing social media outside of YouTube, NicoNico and SoundCloud. According to Number Bronze's website, her .wav materials are free use for the purpose of voice synthesis. From a production standpoint Number Bronze is outstanding. 16 voicebanks, all distinct in some way, all well-configured with no errors that I am aware of. That's not even including the others, including one of her voicebanks called "ganga" which has English CVVC support through consonants and some additional vowels, and sounds incredibly charming. I wonder if she would ever be ported to another synthesizer..? Anyways, my personal favourite bank as of current would be ninlil, which was actually released today. Its tone is very flexible and I love how it changes as pitch climbs. Other than that, possibly kushinada? With medium position in both measures it is her "neutral" voicebank so to say.

I hope you enjoy Number Bronze as much as I do!

David K.

a Czech guy who likes vocal synths
Feb 15, 2019
Czech Republic
My favourite UTAU is Neko Kanochi, made by Sango312. I use her English voicebank a lot. Her voice is pretty realistic and easy to tune. Her English pronunciation is easily understandable. She fits many styles of music and makes a good duet with any other voice.

Here are some examples of her in my songs:

D. K. ft Neko Kanochi - The Train Is So Delayed. It's a Czech-English duet of me and Neko, accompanied by 80s Soviet synths. A reverb and delay effect is used on Neko's vocals to improve the retro vibe of the song.

D. K. ft Neko Kanochi & Kahen - Why Are We Here. It's an English-German duet of Neko and Kahen (by @Satinather). There are 3 tracks of Neko's vocals and some powerful backing vocals sung by Kahen. Kahen also sings the German solo ("Warum sind wir hier" etc.).

The Czech folk song "Dú kravičky, dú". This one is pretty experimental. It's actually my first UTAU cover. Surprisingly, Neko's Czech pronunciation is pretty easy to understand.
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