1. Krathia

    Krathia's synth covers

    Okay, I've decided to go this way, otherways I feel like spamming all over the place. [Chibi done by OkaeriVT] So, I will be editing this post every time I have a cover, new or old. I hope I can keep the place as tidy as possible. I will add behind the video also the credits, for you to avoid...
  2. luwo

    Luwo's Covers!

    I really need a place to keep all my covers that isn't profile posts, so i'm making this 😌 I guess I'll kick it all of with this: I've always admired how well Ciel used Lily in his covers, so I wanted to give it a go with the same song! The phoneme editing was a nightmare, but it was worth...
  3. spiderfriend

    spiderfriend's covers :)

    i see a lot of others have made threads of their own covers, i thought i'd join in! to start off... here's my most recent: just be friends feat. iroha my first vocaloid cover (and also the only other one i've posted): meltdown (piano ver.) feat lumi and here's my soundcloud with a few utau...
  4. Jaxonloid

    Jaxonloid's covers

    Here I will post my vocaloid covers!
  5. A

    Rilena's Covers

    Nothing to see here
  6. HIRA


    I released a new cover not too long ago! :0
  7. Kazumimi

    Kazumi's Covers

    I'm probably gonna be sharing a lot of cover so I'm just gonna start a thread to keep all my covers in! XD Here's a YouTube playlist of all the covers I've uploaded so far (including some really cringe-worthy plug-n'-play ones with bad mixing, depending on how far you scroll down) aside from...
  8. peaches2217

    [Mo Qingxian & Yuezheng Longya] on the rocks

    On the Rocks is one of my all-time favorites, so I couldn't click fast enough. This is a super good cover!! And the video is lovely and very well-done too. I have such a soft spot for Qingxian. I'd like to have her one day, but I don't know enough Mandarin to justify that just yet.
  9. iNSaNiTy - First UTAU Cover WiP - Akiko Kikyuune

    iNSaNiTy - First UTAU Cover WiP - Akiko Kikyuune

    Here is a WiP of the voice for my first UTAU cover. I'm using MystSaphyr's Akiko CV Japanese voicebank. I'm really excited to do this, and I've been having lots of fun. Enjoy this sneak peek.
  10. TheStarPalace

    Star's Vocalsynth Content thread

    Hi everyone, I was super eager to make something with Cyber Songman, so I covered one of my favorite CircusP songs. Going from UTAU to Vocaloid was a huge jump, so I hope my tuning sounds okay. I wanted to make a different sort of video than what I usually make, so I drew a little animation...
  11. idoltrash69

    idoltrash's VOCALOID stuff thread!

    Here it is! The return of my VOCALOID covers thread! I'll be sharing my covers here! My newest! :