1. opal

    GHOST Fanclub

    eyo! i wanted to make this to bond with fellow ghost fans and discuss what they’ve made! there’s no strict rules, just follow basic threadsite guidelines and stay on topic! that means do NOT discuss anything about the producer unrelated to VOCALOID. you may discuss their characters that have...
  2. zeldawave

    VOCALOID Vocaloid horror / "creepy song" culture

    Hey guys! I'm new here (I joined just to get help with this project, actually) so forgive me if this is silly or weird or w/e. I'm trying to document stuff about that culture from like 2008 to 2015ish(??) of horror / "creepy" songs in the Vocaloid fandom -- stuff like Rotten Girl Grotesque...
  3. henchmiku

    VOCALOID Interviewing Vocaloid Fans

    Hi guys, I'm a PhD student in music studying the culture of Vocaloid and other artificial singing voice softwares (SVS). I'm interested in speaking to anyone who is has had experiences in the following areas: Written/composed music for any text-to-speech SVS and has uploaded their work on the...
  4. ThatGirlMyra

    Embarrassing Things You've Done In The Fandom

    Exactly what the title implies. No limit on how embarrassing. Go. Here's one I think (hope) everyone's done. "Yeah, my favourite anime character is Akita Neru!"
  5. ThatGirlMyra

    Describe the Fandom in One Word

    If it's not clear, we're describing the VOCALOID fandom. In one word. Here's mine: Gumi Have fun. :)
  6. CallmeNerdy

    VOCALOID Why do you like your favorite vocaloid?

    I'm not sure if there's a whole other thread for this, if there already is, then shame on me...:yohioloid_lili: But I want to know why you like/love your favorite vocaloid? I personally love Miku because I absolutely adore her cute clear voice. An unpopular opinion it may be, but I prefer the...
  7. TheStarPalace

    Unpopular Opinions

    I've never seen a thread like this on here before, so I thought I would ask VVN about what minority views they hold, or think they hold? Some of mine: -I'm much more interested in English Vocaloids over all, I didn't really get into this subculture until I found English voices. -I love how V4...