VOCALOID Why do you like your favorite vocaloid?


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Apr 17, 2018
I'm not sure if there's a whole other thread for this, if there already is, then shame on me...:yohioloid_lili: But I want to know why you like/love your favorite vocaloid?

I personally love Miku because I absolutely adore her cute clear voice. An unpopular opinion it may be, but I prefer the more unrealistic voices than the more mature and realistic ones. Another thing I love about her is how her voice reacts to the parameters. (V4X specifically.) Its really cool how with the right type of tuning, you can make her Voicebanks sound either really mature or really cute. It makes her really versatile, at least in my eyes.


Avanna's #1 Fan
Apr 8, 2018
There are many reasons I love Avanna. Up until her release, no English VB interested me. I liked the non-native ones but knew they weren't easy to use. I ended up picking her up on an impulse a coulle years later (because I never knew Zero-G did constant sales) and only fell more in live with her when usjng her. She works perfect in every genre I could ever want to use her in, and her voice is so clear and mature, and just has such a different sound than the other Engloids available. Not to mention her design is both so elegant and natural and so mythical and cute.

Even further, Avanna helped me in a way other Vocaloids never did. I am a singer, but for the longest time, I hated my voice. I always listened to the cuter voices, and still tend to, but I do not have a cute voice at all...nor the uniqueness my former favorite Lily had. But Avanna helped me realize a mature voices can be even better than anything. I'd almost given up singing had I not found Avanna. And even though I admit I'll likely never adore my voice, I accept it now and want to improve it more than ever. And also coincidentally, my favorite way to sing is with emphasized pronunciation, which Avanna also very much shares that with me with her consonants


Mar 25, 2018
There's quite a few reasons as to why I like Kaito as my favorite. I really like his voice. Sometimes, I can hear this certain "twang" or characteristic in his voice that almost sounds like something suitable for a cartoon character, and I really like it! He also just sounds really good with vibrato on long notes.
I also like the personality he is often depicted with: really sweet often with a smile on his face.
And his history proves something to us, that despite meager beginnings, we can do and become something more. He was popular during the VOCALOID2 era despite being of the VOCALOID1 engine, and today he's still popular during the VOCALOID4 era despite being of the VOCALOID3 engine.


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Apr 8, 2018
I pretty much love everything about Miku. Her cute and versatile voice, her adorable looks, the sweet personality I imagine she has. Miku was the first Vocaloid I discovered and I've grown attached to her. I listen to other Vocaloids too, but Miku's voice makes me feel something that no other Vocaloid does. She helped me whenever I was stressed or feeling down. Listening to music made with Miku still is something I do everyday after work to relax.

All in all, it's really quite difficult to describe my affection towards Miku and reasons as to why I love her. She's such a big part of my life, I admit, that I can't even imagine what it'd be like without her.
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In 2D hell
Apr 8, 2018
I was really impressed by how realistic Yuki sounded (at that time). There wasn't much in the way of soft/whispery banks like hers back then, either. I've always liked soft female vocals the most, and I actually really like young/child voices for some reason? But yeah, I especially like how she's actually voiced by a kid vs. having an older woman sound cutesy (not that that's always bad, since Lapis and Una Sugar are two of my other faves).
Anyway yeah, Lapis and Una Sugar are also soft and sweet. Lapis sounds fairly young without sounding forced (imo a little more so than her voice provider), and has an adorable design. I like how unique she is, being a small fairy and all.


That one Mew fan
Apr 8, 2018
This is a really cute and positive thread so let's do this

As with most people coming into the fandom, it was a couple of years before I listened to Mew, but what caught my attention immediately was her vocal versatility. She can be quiet and calm, dramatic and emotional, powerful and energetic, anything you want. I listened to her demo "Line" first and then just couldn't stop listening to songs she was in. It could have been easy to just throw her into the same vocal niche as Luka or IA, but there's a quality in her voice that's both womanly and tender that sets her apart from anyone else. I love how unique her voice is in this sense, but I also love how unique her design is; she does monochrome like no one ever will. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's also something in her design that embodies her "I can do what I want" vocal ability too.
And who doesn't love Savami???
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Apr 8, 2018
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Oliver is my favorite more for sentimental reasons than anything else. He was the first Vocaloid I ever bought and he introduced me to my love of Engloids. I've had him since he was released and he's been with me through a lot. He became a source of escapism a lot throughout my teen years. I've listened to Oliver so much that whenever I listen to him it's a lot like running into a long time best friend. He has always been what cheers me up when I feel down, and listening to songs with him when I feel sad is almost like having a friend listen to my stupid problems lol. So even if there have been others that came along that I fell in love with Oliver will always be my favorite bc he's always been there for me in a way
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Longtime Listener
Apr 8, 2018
I have too many favorites rofl I'll try to limit them though
  • Iroha became a favorite mostly because I turned into a big Kyounosuke fan at some point sjlkfdsjlkfs (also that soft bank, I usually don't like them but aaaaaaa)
  • Lily started out as just an underdog I was rooting for because I felt she needed more love but I really grew to like her voice, especially once her V3 came out
  • Ruby, I'll admit a lot of it is probably I have fond memories of following Misha's and Syo's UTAU work, but she's also kind of like a diamond (HAHAHA) in the rough and I like experimenting with her and trying to crack into her potential
  • Avanna is the closest to Engloid perfection imo. She's the only one I actually consider beginner friendly, and HER LOW RANGE
  • Songman's tone is sexy af fite me (but don't pls)
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I like sweets uwu
Apr 8, 2018
United states
MEIKO wasn't instantly a favorite of mine, she kind of had to grow on my a bit when getting into vocaloid but when she finally grew on me I literally listened to her nonstop. Her voice just works in everything and her voice blends well with pretty much every vocaloid too. Her voice is very plain but also very unique imo. When listening to her voice, its so soothing, it just brightens up my day and makes me feel better when I'm down. Her design is also very simple which I like because she's not very intimidating to draw. She's gotten me through so many tough times through the years, and I really appreciate her for that.
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Lonely kanon fan
Apr 11, 2018
Kanon has a tone that's both youthful and powerful that other vocaloids just don't have. I've also grown very attached to her for whatever reason, and love to find new originals with her.

Avanna has a beautiful soft tone, and was probably my first Engloid. She's just too beautiful...


GalacOH no she didn't
Apr 9, 2018
I'll just list my 3 favorites cause its too close to call really :x

Yanhe: I have always loved Mandarin as a language so when Tianyi was released I was waiting for a mandarin vocaloid with a tone I love and I just happen to love me some mature female voices and her design is legit amazing.

Galaco: I have no clue how to describe how/why I love Galaco but a lot of it goes back to the cute princess design with that husky voice match made in heaven imo

Sweet Ann: Actually the first vocaloid I ever listened too but at the time didn't realize it was a vocaloid love everything about her besides her being outdated nowdays
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Vani ❤ Candy

❤ Rana and Teki are my babies ❤
Apr 8, 2018
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Rana stole my heart the moment i saw her announced. I have a massive soft spot for pink-haired cutesy characters like hers, and her adorable yet strong voice really captivated me. my love for her only grew bigger when i bought her! so for that reason, i'm really really attached to her. ahaha


Aspiring Fan
May 3, 2018
Ohh Piko has this constant duality thing going on with him that i really like, it feels like a huge part of him. The heterochromia, his versatile high-low, girly-boyish voice... this versatility, originality and the coolness of his design, even his "environment", it's really just his atmosphere for me. He's totally my kind of (conceptual) character & surely a voice that i'm able to listen to on loop. I knew about vocaloid before him but he was a game-changer heh, been a fan since the month he was released.
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Still misses Anri Rune
Apr 8, 2018
I saw a pic of Lily in a nightcore video when I was going through my nightcore phase and I thought she was so pretty. I didn't really know what Vocaloid was other than that Miku was one but my friend told me that the girl in the pic was Lily who was a Vocaloid and I was like "She's my favorite"
and it just kinda...stuck. I actually started listening to Vocaloid one day and decided that Lily still lived up to the favorite title. Funny enough when I first listened to her I thought she sounded terrible. (thats cause back then when you searched her up the first songs you found with her were plug n plays from her trial)
Nowadays I like her for her cool design and mature voice.
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(screams eternally)
Apr 8, 2018
my two top favorite vocaloids have to be iroha and miku.
i love iroha because i also LOVE sanrio. she's also got cute and creative designs, and i really adore her whole backstory. not to mention her voice is lovely. so mature and sounds absolutely amazing in every range!
i also love miku because she was the first vocaloid i heard (probably like many people). but because of vocaloid i thought, "i could make my own vocaloid song if i wanted to! but i don't know how to play any instruments... maybe i should take lessons." and seven years later i've been playing piano and guitar for that long, played in high school and college jazz band, am currently minoring in music, and have found something that i love and i know will continue to challenge me for the rest of my life! and i think it wouldn't have happened without her. ^_^ i haven't actually written any vocaloid songs yet but i would like to write one featuring her someday, maybe to thank her.

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