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  1. lIlI

    SynthV Ayame and Jin for Synthesizer V

    Two new voicebanks in the letter series were announced today, both native Japanese vocalists: Official description: "a mild, lustrous voice with a pleasant midrange & whispering lows. The transition from chest to falsetto is clear & distinct, meaning Aya is good at melodies fluctuating...
  2. SeleDreams

    Other Music distribution service BIG UP! allows international vocal synth producers to monetize their work

    I learned about it from a recent Twindrills fanbox post. It seems like a new music distribution service named Big Up allows international users to publish their work on spotify etc without having to censor the name and design of the voicebank they're using (thus allowing to mention "hatsune...
  3. lIlI

    SynthV Oscar for Synthesizer V from Voicemith

    Voicemith announced a crowdfunding campaign coming soon for Oscar, their second voicebank following Xia Yu Yao:
  4. lIlI

    SynthV New Synthesizer V voicebanks: Lin Lai and Yun Quan

    Dreamtonics just announced two new Chinese voicebanks, this time intended to give childlike vocals for children's songs: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1yh4y1s796/
  5. nellaelnora

    [Kevin & SOLARIA] - The Road To Forever

  6. poser

    SynthV Xia YuYao new VB crowdfunding campaign has begun

    - Here is her new design: - Voicemith has also stated that overseas users are allowed to contribute. Crowdfunding Website + More Info EDIT: They actually did not specify which engine she will be on. I simply assumed SynthV. Title edited to omit the engine.
  7. RoidoP

    【An Xiao 岸晓】カナリヤ / Canary - Kenshi Yonezu 米津玄師【SynthV Cover】

    Eyyo whadup! How are y'all doing 💜✨ I tried Dreamtonics' new SynthV vocal An Xiao and he sounds gorgeous!! :kaito_move:
  8. RoidoP

    【ANRI・Eleanor Forte AI】MJQ-P - "Ang Ating Kuwento"【SynthV OPM Cover】

    Eyyo whadup! How are y'all doing 💜✨ Made a new cover with ANRI and Eleanor Forte for Valentine's Day where they become girlfriends! This song was so precious that I had to cover it asap! Hope y'all enjoy listening :anri_lili::eleanorforte_lili:
  9. RoidoP

    【SOLARIA・RoidoP】Katy Perry - "Unconditionally"【SynthV Cover・I tried to sing】

    Heya! I've recently made a SynthV cover of "Unconditionally" feat. Solaria with vocals harmonies by yours truly~ Hope y'all like it! :solaria_lili:
  10. lIlI

    Who is your favourite Synth V?

    Synth V's lineup expanded dramatically this year! So I thought it would be fun to run a poll on everyone's favourites so far. Optional extra questions: 1) Who's your favourite English Synth V? 2) Who's your favourite Chinese Synth V? 3) Who's your favourite Japanese Synth V? 4) Which future...
  11. lIlI

    SynthV Qingsu: New Chinese voicebank for Synthesizer V AI

    Dreamtonics has announced the first Mandarin language voicebank compatible with Synth V AI! Demo from BiliBili Dreamtonics is inviting Chinese fans to decide her name, which must include the word 'dream' or its meaning. Results will be announced November 5th, 2021. *edit* Her name is 青溯...
  12. lIlI

    SynthV Natsuki Karin voicebanks for Synthesizer V AI and CeVIO AI

    TOKYO6 is launching a crowdfunding campaign for Natsuki Karin, the first follow up to their debut voicebank, Koharu Rikka. Demo samples of her singing and speaking were revealed here: SynthV Demo CeVIO Demo Crowdfunding dates: 8th of October to 28th of October Crowdfund link 1st goal...
  13. v3xman

    【Maki AI English】Hello Kitty【Synth V Cover】

    I wanted to test Maki AI English so I dug through my old covers and found this song. Tbh I just want to see how much of the VSQx parameters get carried over to Synth-V but I got distracted by how well this turned out with minimal tuning.
  14. Vepar

    【Tsurumaki Maki AI Complete】BALLOON【Synthesizer V Cover】

    Got Maki on the day of her release and just got around to using her, I thought I'd share my work with you guys too! Enjoy!
  15. v3xman

    【Eleanor Gen 1】As the World Caves In【Synth V Cover】

    Here's my second try on Synth-V R1. I was halfway done with this song when I found out about the new Synth-V editor so I decided to finish it on R1 AND also work on it on SV Studio so it's going to be like a comparison. That one is probably going to be released two weeks from now. For now...
  16. JamesOvO

    SynthV I can't download Synth V gen 1 voicebanks.

    so I was trying to get Eleanor Forte voicebank for gen 1, because I like gen 1 layout but then when I tried to download her... It said the website cant be reached. Any way around this?
  17. I

    【SynthV Saki AI】炎翔フェアリーテイル【Original】

    This is another triple collaboration that was started way back in August of 2020. (Progress was hindered by school.) If I remember correctly, I wrote seven possible melodies for the A theme and had りくりくり and Evan vote on their top three. I then gave each of their choices points based upon...
  18. lIlI

    SynthV Male Vocal Synth Group: VirVox Project

    VirVox is a circle producing content for Synth V Genbu and other characters, with permission from Animen/Volor. Their goal is to produce more male vocal synths. Today (14th of May 2021) they released new fullbody art for Genbu! They have also announced that his full name is Kuruno Takehiro...