1. HoodyP

    TALQu - An Unofficial English guide thread on TALQu and it's voice model creation!

    (This is basically a repost of the thread I did in UTAForum actually, so I added here just to have a more widespread availability for the thread I guess...) Hey guys, HoodyP here! Recently, on 24th of December 2021, Haruqa (creator of TALQu) initiated the "Lightning Project Challenge" where...
  2. HikariTranslations

    Commission Japanese to English translation commissions

    Hello! I'm a Japanese-English translator who's currently accepting commissions! I can translate song lyrics or videos at around 4-5 USD per minute. I also translate other stuff (manga/doujin/novels) if you're interested. More info on my site: Commissions - Hikarinokaze Translations
  3. uncreepy

    VOCALOID Summarizing the Zola Project manga

    Title: ZOLAの人たち―僕らはいかにボカロで人気者になるために作戦会議をしたか ZOLA no Hito-tachi― Bokura wa Ika-ni BOKARO de Ninki-mono ni Naru Tame ni Sakusen Kaigi o Shita Ka The People of ZOLA― We Had A Strategy Meeting About How We Will Become Popular With VOCALOID Publisher: PHP Institute Creator: Takkyuu Shounen (卓球少年)...
  4. uncreepy

    Let's read Japanese manga live on VocaVerse Discord!

    Hi, everyone. I have an idea for a VocaVerse Manga Club and would like to share my idea and get feedback from those who are interested in manga and/or learning Japanese so I can plan the first session. Note: This idea will be carried out through Discord's voice/screenshare feature. You do not...
  5. Kazumimi

    Need Feedback on my English Translation of Ken'Okan

    Oh, well look at me making an unusual post in the WIP section, haha! I did a translation of the song Ken'okan by Minatsuki Toka and would like some feedback/a second opinion on my translation as I plan to ask for permission from Mr. Minatsuki to be able to upload a subtitled version of the...
  6. Raku

    Commission Japanese to English Translation & Subtitles Commissions

    Commissions closed atm, sorry for the inconvenience m(__)m Hi, do you want to know the meaning of your favorite vocaloid song? Or do you want your favorite video on Youtube to have English subs? I can help with that! :miki_smile_lili: I can translate Japanese lyric to English. I can translate...
  7. uncreepy

    Commission English to Japanese Translation Commissions

    >>>I am sorry, but my commissions are closed until further notice.<<< TRANSLATION COMMISSIONS NOTE: I require both background music (in the form of a .wav file) & MIDI notes (so I can input lyrics) for all lyric commissions. Keep in mind that Japanese songs do not follow rhyme schemes/end...