vocaloid 5

  1. Talha_Vocoding

    Vocaloid 3 and 2 voicebanks on vocaloid 5?

    I own a lot of vocaloid 3 and vocaloid 2 banks and i have not been using vocaloid 3 for a long time and i just can't work with vocaloid 3, I downloaded vocaloid 5 and i have been using it with vocaloid 5 banks but it doesn't show vocaloid 3 banks? I downloaded an V2-libraries preactivated for V3...
  2. Olesandro

    Equal volume of notes in Vocaloid

    I'm new in vocaloid and always get one problem like one note sounds much more louder or quiter than other ones. Maybe somebody can explain how can I make them cleaner,so they will sound on one level with other ones =)
  3. Ronny777

    I'll make a Vocaloid sing any English song you want. (within reason)

    This is something I do with my friends and family so I thought it would be fun to do here as well. As long as there is a Midi of it available on this site (not sponsored). I'm open to any genre and I'll use any Vocaloid that you want. It's important to note that about 5% of the midis on this...
  4. Zeph-r

    Any advice for a newbie?

    I've only just downloaded Vocaloid5 and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing haha I've done some playing around, but I'm not completely sure how to do some things and I was wondering if anyone might be able to help? Like for example, the vocals I've put in sound rather choppy and I'm not...
  5. SeleDreams

    "Un espoir mensonger" ft. MAYU French

    I started working on this song a few days after finishing my Miku expo song. At the moment it sounds like this. This song is basically talking about the hardships of doing our best all the time and still failing. The current lyrics are they mean in english It's still pretty early so I may...
  6. CdrSonan

    【Vocaloid Original】Fireworks【Hatsune Miku】

    I made this song for the "Stay at Home" mini song contest hosted by Crypton! Unfortunately I only had limited time for this, so it's a good thing the songs were supposed to be under 2 minutes! It's also my first time experimenting with an e-bass as a more prominent instrument! I hope you like...
  7. vw0400

    My first Vocaloid song

    My first original song using Vocaloids. :cyberdiva_lili:
  8. Kazumimi

    Question Vocaloid 5 with Minimum System Requirements?

    I already made a status about this a while back, but since I'm heavily considering getting Vocaloid 5, I'd like to get a little more feedback on how Vocaloid 5 runs with the minimum system requirements. After all, no sense in buying something that I can't actually use. So, to those of you who...
  9. Vegetaljuce

    Question V5 vocal fry-- how did they do it?

    Ever since Vocaloid5 came out, I've been wondering how they achieved the vocal fry effect. Before the release of V5, I assumed that the only way to achieve a convincing vocal fry was to record actual fry samples from the voice provider and work them into a voicebank through something similar to...
  10. Snarewaves

    VCLD (ft. Megurine Luka) [Experimental Pop]

    I had fun with this one, I enjoy blending usual pop hooks with more EDM/trap stuff. I hope you enjoy it~ Alternatively, a more traditional track:
  11. uncreepy

    Resource How to get VOCALOID5 Editor to work correctly in Studio One 3

    The default VOCALOID5 VSTi in Studio One 3 is incorrect and does not work properly. This tutorial explains how to locate the correct file in order to use VOCALOID5 Editor in Studio One 3. Note: Please click the image so it is larger and can be magnified in order to see it at full size.
  12. kurgy


    hello, i was wondering, is it possible to convert json files (from synthV) to ust or vsq(x) files? or is it possible to use a json file type in the utau or vocaloid program? theres a lovely song i wish to cover, but its a synthV song and the creator only has a json file type, any help?
  13. Nebula

    Show Them feat. CYBER DIVA

  14. Cranefridgeprod

    Commission Updated Tuning Commission Rates

    :vy1_lili:Pricing:vy1_lili: - $20 for untuned VPR/VSQx/json - Also $20 for tuning a blank VSQx/VPR/json - $40 for a complete VPR/VSQx/json (based on the length!) 3 minutes: $40 4 minutes: $45 5 minutes: $55 6+ minutes: $60+ :mirai_chickadee:Bundle Discounts:mirai_chickadee: 5 songs of 4...
  15. PigeonP

    Vegetables cover w chris

    Yo! I've been working on this for ages, I just couldn't get it quite right. I need to keep moving and learning new things w v5, so I'll come back to this someday. I think he's cute as he is for now! :D Steampianist is one of my favorite English language producers for Vocaloid, and Chris can...
  16. D

    Collab Looking for someone willing to volunteer to make an MV?

    So, I have a song I'm just about done with. Please message me if you're interested in creating an MV or collaborating on music. I'm hoping for this to just be for fun, since I can't pay anyone. (I'm not old enough to have a PayPal). You can check out my music on my Youtube channel. Daifuku P/大福 P
  17. Party-P


    Description: My first original song using Vocaloid 5! I'm so excited! It wasn't easy making Cyva sing so soft. She's usually quite the power singer, so I hope you enjoy :) Credits: Vocals: CYBERDIVA II Music & Lyrics: Party-P VPR & Tuning: Party-P Artwork: Party-P
  18. Cranefridgeprod

    Commission Vocaloid 5 Tuning Commissions

    For $10 I'll tune a VSQx of yours in V5 Click here for a demo!! Here are some of my other works for different producers: I make all my VPRs and tune them myself. I've used Vocaloid 4 for 2 years so I have a good amount of experience. Feel free to contact me on discord @ 000#7376 !!!! or my...