1. iXari3l

    Voicebank Glucagon - UTAU download

    Glucagon (グルカゴン) is a young male voicebank with an in-built growl configuration, that lets you add growls in the UTAU editor itself. CV, monopitch, with E3~B4 range. VENT built-in Append/growl is triggered with V suffix. Includes 3 breaths, end-breaths, strong and soft R's, different from L's...
  2. HoodyP

    TALQu - An Unofficial English guide thread on TALQu and it's voice model creation!

    (This is basically a repost of the thread I did in UTAForum actually, so I added here just to have a more widespread availability for the thread I guess...) Hey guys, HoodyP here! Recently, on 24th of December 2021, Haruqa (creator of TALQu) initiated the "Lightning Project Challenge" where...
  3. jasmin00

    (Finnish UTAU cover PV) : July ft. Aino Erufu & Krisutau + UST

    It's rare to see a Finnish UTAU cover....and especially with a full PV....so Krispy and I decided to make one! with our UTAUs Aino Erufu and Krisutau :D This also works as a Voicebank reveal for Aino...cuz this vb is her new Finnish Pika-Suomi voicebank! The song is about summer, love and July...
  4. JamesOvO

    SynthV I can't download Synth V gen 1 voicebanks.

    so I was trying to get Eleanor Forte voicebank for gen 1, because I like gen 1 layout but then when I tried to download her... It said the website cant be reached. Any way around this?
  5. P

    How's this voice?

    I'm considering making an UTAU and releasing it, but I want to know if people would actually want this voice. Theres a lot of bugs and stuff in the sample, but Ill likely rerecord it. [track deleted] The current sample is a dipitch with the second being F4, and the full (if i ever make it)...
  6. VAGAO - P

    Voicebank DEMO (I need your opinion)

    Hi, it's my first serious attempt to make a voicebank. I didn't post this in "Showcase" because It's not complete, and I need a feedback. It's name is ザクロ or zakuro. It's CVVC, monopitch. Voice is soft and pleasant (or not). I need you opinion about how it sounds, and how it feels to work with...
  7. Prism

    Other New chinese AI singing synth in development ByteSing

    New Chinese ai voice synthesiser ByteSing is in development. ByteSing uses duration allocated encoder-decoder acoustic models and WaveRNN vocoders. It has along way to go but the results are amazing. paper https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.11012 demos https://bytesings.github.io/paper1.html
  8. Essention

    Voicebank Anna Lee Farron || Annaloid [VOICEBANK INFORMATION AND DOWNLOAD]

    {VOICED BY ESSENTION} {ART BY ESSENTION, MADE WITH PIXTON} CHARACTER INFO Name: Anna Lee Farron Online Alias: Annaloid Race: Human Gender: Female Height & Weight: 5'7" | 142 lbs Hair Color: Soft Orange Eye Color: Olive Signature Item: Light Purple Heart (as seen on her shirt) Date of Birth...