Crypton Services Temporarily Unavailable for European Users


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Apr 8, 2018
Some Crypton websites are currently unavailable for EU residents. As it seems, they have not adapted to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation which defines the usage of EU residents data and is valid since May 25th of 2018.
The websites of other Japanese VOCALOID companies, such as AHS and INTERNET, seem not to be affected.

Unavailable web services:
クリプトン・フューチャー・メディア(株)|Sound the future.

Some of their web services are still available for EU residents, such as the English VOCALOID registration website.

You cannot access your Piapro and Sonicwire accounts nor receive emails from these services until they have sorted things out. If you still wish to do, you have to use a foreign proxy server or other tricks.


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Mar 25, 2018
Man I'm feeling the same. I was super excited to go to Miku Expo but with the delayed ticket sales (setting aside it took until 2018 to get an actual tour) plus their lack of preparation for this law that was announced long ago (leaving them plenty of time to prepare) it's really kinda makes things feel really unprepared and I'm honestly unsure about buying Miku Expo tickets in case the date changes or something, or if by the time they do announce it's going to be a chore to even get down to London since the sleeper trains can fill up fast if you don't book far enough ahead of time.

AHS and Internet Co.'s sites are both still available to access and purchase from, for example, so at least some companies were planning ahead for this. I kinda appreciate them sorting this out ahead of time and not inconveniencing anyone who might've wanted to purchase one of their products around this time.

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