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  • Bit late to the party with this song, but someone mentioned it in a classic trance group I'm in on Facebook. If this is foreshadowing a 90s trance revival, then PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN.
    Sometimes, the best way to take care of yourself is to:
    • Delete an app
    • Stop visiting a website
    • Avoid the news
    • Mute a group chat
    • Say no to a new commitment when you already have a lot to do
    • Relatedly, slim down your personal schedule/to-do list
    • Avoid toxic environments in general.
    Just throwing this out there, because I've had to take the decision to start avoiding Reddit and blocking certain accounts and tags on Instagram to protect my mental health this month. It was just silly fandom drama that was triggering me, nothing severe. But it does get me down easily, so I've still cut it out of my feed anyway.
    I was gonna post this in the Miku Expo 2023 thread, but I thought it would be too rude, so I'm dumping it here.

    Checking Instagram, why are Miku and Crypton fans acting so damn entitled over the 2023 Expo being digital only again? They've already confirmed in-person events will return next year, so it's like people can't read. The last few years have been hard on everyone, and keep in mind Crypton still isn't a huge company that can easily withstand a pandemic. I wouldn't be surprised if they literally still can't afford to plan a physical event for another year.

    But truth be told, I've been seeing a lot of fans within the vocal synth scene acting like spoiled brats when things don't go their way, and speaking as an old lady, this never used to be the case. The Western fandom in particular has always trended young, but the fans never used to throw tantrums in comment sections whenever something that isn't desired gets announced.

    Tbh, this level of entitlement is why I've had to stop browsing the beauty community. Too many grown-ass adults bitching about makeup releases they personally aren't interested in, and attacking companies for making (possibly sensible in this climate) business decisions.
    We seem to be entering a new wave of vocal synth drama with an intensity not seen since the early 2010s or so, but my general reaction to crap like this these days can be best summed up by this classic Kermit meme:

    As depressing as everything is, I'm just gonna sit back and watch the chaos unfold. I'm waaay too old to take this uber-seriously.

    Yeah, like that really famous 'Most Mysterious Song on the Internet' which was a New Wave-esque ditty (look it up and prepared to be spooked a little), this is a late 90s/early 00s Italo Dance track that lacks a title and artist. Originally, it was posted in such low quality that it sounded like it was recorded with a PC microphone near a speaker, but a couple years ago, a high quality version appeared out of nowhere. To this day, a proper credit hasn't been discovered anywhere.

    One theory I've heard about this song is that it was a demo that somehow got leaked. Considering that the vocals don't sound too professional for Italo Dance, it may have been the case that the producer slapped his vocals on as a placeholder, shopped the song around, but nobody wanted it. Another theory is that the song was one of those indie/bedroom produced situations (much like the vocal synth scene) where there's no credit because it wasn't released through an official channel. Even a limited release on vinyl would be registered on Discogs if it was sold through a record label.

    I've also read somewhere that some underground DJs in the mid-00s do actually remember hearing/spinning this track at parties, but not even they can remember the credits. At some point, the track made its way to Chinese DJs and started showing up in bootleg sets, but even after being asked by foreigners, they didn't have a clue about any credits either.

    It's a shame because this song gives me a ton of nostalgia for the late 90s and early 00s - it definitely sounds like something you might have heard while playing DDR or in late 00s YouTube AMVs.
    As in, I'm struggling to stretch my ears. This isn't a complaint post about people with stretched ears - I think they're rad!

    But anyway, I got a dead stretching kit this Christmas gone, and originally I tried to stretch up to 1.6mm (14G) because I thought since my lobe piercings were around four years old by that point, they should already be stretchy enough to accommodate it. Big mistake - the 1.6mm plugs wouldn't go in at all and my ears were angry and sore. Turns out I needed to do a small jump to 1mm (18G) because my lobes had managed to shrink to 0.8mm in the meantime. Whoops.

    I've left the 1mms in all last month, and I tried stretching up again last night, but alas, no dice twice. Now I'm just holding my nose and ordering 1.2mm (16G) labret studs to wear as earrings for a bit - I don't think my ears are stretchy enough to accommodate even larger half jumps just yet, and I also find it weird how my stretching kit almost expects you to jump two sizes, especially if you're a noob to stretching like I am and have never done anything like that to your body. I've heard it gets way easier once you reach 3mm (8G), but considering how my ears have been so far, I'm not holding my breath lol.
    Guess who's nose is in pain again after getting a septum piercing?

    (I love it, btw. I'm just not looking forward to the aftercare now, since I can already tell this one's gonna be very tender.)
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    Ooh, speedy healing for you! One of my managers got her septum pierced and she confirmed it was extremely painful. I admire anyone who can handle it. :clara_ani_lili:
    Blue Of Mind
    Blue Of Mind
    @peaches2217 Tbh, I found the overall pain of the septum piercing more tolerable compared to when I got my nostril done. I actually went grey once the needle went through my nostril, but I'm guessing that was because the skin was thicker there.
    I uploaded a new video yesterday afternoon, but after it was finished processing both standard and high definition, I noticed there was no option for 480p anywhere on the upload. I hadn't changed any settings with my usual video editor (Windows Photos - yes, I'm cheap lol), so I was wondering what was up on both my end and YT's. But checking some other recently uploaded videos, I've noticed that they're missing 480p too. Standard definition up to 360p exists, then it just jumps to 720p for whatever reason.

    I had a quick moan to my boyfriend about it, and he reckons that if it's not just YT glitching out again as usual, they might be quietly phasing out standard definitions in favour of high definitions and 4K at some point in the future. Considering how many of us automatically set YT's quality settings to 1080p or so, perhaps it was only a matter of time before YT stopped officially supporting lower definitions. But I feel this is terrible for people with shitty internet connections (and my connection isn't exactly a paragon of stability either) - I mean, good luck trying to buffer 1080p in a rural area sometimes.
    All of my videos are still uploading in SD down to 144p, but I think it converts everything around the HD range first before the low res stuff. Have you checked back a day or so after your initial upload? YT usually labels videos as "completely processed" once they successfully upload in their base resolution but still adds stuff in the background afterwards.
    Blue Of Mind
    Blue Of Mind
    @pico I've just had a look, and 480p still hasn't appeared after two days. On another note, 240p is missing too. So it goes from 144p, then it jumps to 360p, then does a final jump to 720p. Like I said, I haven't changed any settings within my video editor that would cause an issue like that.
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    Weird... I'm not sure. You're 100% right that rural areas are still generally very underserved in internet access, so if those features do disappear one day, it'd be a huge letdown :[
    Janky performance and the odd glitch aside, I've been really enjoying Pokemon Violet, but if there's one thing that really lets it down, it's the lack of level scaling. Because of Paldea's open world, it's really easy to wander too far from the beaten track and be attacked by wild Pokemon that are too high levelled for your party to manage. Same thing if you try to tackle gyms, Team Star hideouts and Titan Pokemon that are too difficult for your current level but you don't realise it until it's too late. Thank the internet for quickly posting up the recommended paths, otherwise I might have been lost really early.

    Totally not salty that I got my ass beat at the Fire-type Star hideout this morning because I didn't realise it was capped at the higher end of Level 20, and now I'm realising the recommended path is to go back to West Paldea.
    Went to the dentist for the first time since Covid hit (so yeah, well over two years since my last checkup), and I was given the all-clear! Need a scale and polish next time, but apart from that, the dentist said there's nothing else wrong with my teeth and he could tell I look after them well.
    I must admit, I've been really grateful for the LGBT discussions on here these last couple of days. Although the acronym includes bisexuals, I've never felt comfortable in spaces intended to only be for LGBT people because even though the community is supposed to be inclusive, there's definitely still an ugly undercurrent of biphobia if you search long enough. While this forum is strictly about vocal synths, I'm still glad it's also a safe space for LGBT folk, including people who have been excluded from other LGBT groups for not being "queer"* enough. I feel a lot less alone about my experiences with sexuality and gender now.

    *I personally dislike the "queer" term and don't use it to describe myself, but the reasons why are for another post. If you use it, obviously I won't give you any grief. It's just a personal thing.
    Didn't think I'd get this sleeve fully done until next month, but it was completed today!

    I'm gonna take a break from getting tattooed for a bit while I think of ideas for a leg sleeve. My mum is horrified at the idea, but pain aside (no matter how many times you go under the needle, the pain never eases up), I've been really enjoying getting art on my body. My boyfriend reckons I'll be fully covered by the time I turn 30. :ROFL:
    I've only just remembered that 'V6' is sometimes used as a fan nickname for the game VVVVVV. Now I kinda want an acapella of one of the tracks from that game featuring the current V6 starters and Gumi AI lol.
    I've just heard my next door neighbours play Ievan Polka outside. For context, we live pretty much in the middle of England, which has a reputation of being highly uncultured.
    I'm pleased to say the Mario movie looks promising, based on the short trailer that Nintendo just dropped. Or at the very least, it didn't make me scream in horror lol.
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