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Custom Titles are Now Available!


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Mar 7, 2018
Hey everyone. As you may have already seen [in this thread], a lot of users have expressed interest in having a change of titles, with many asking for custom titles like staff have. So after a bit of discussion, we've made them available.

Creating a custom title will replace your current title, but you can always go back to the default titles by deleting your custom one. It can be edited in the "account details" section of your account settings.

A lot of people also requested sprites in titles. This was something that's been requested since before the site launched and I just wanted to say that it hasn't been forgotten about. We're still looking into it and will keep you updated if such a feature becomes available!
Wow, you totally got me. I've been waiting to see what you'd change it to not recognizing you actually did already.
I actually had already changed my title before the "Did you know custom titles are now available???" message to something else. I'm surprised you haven't seen it.

Now I can be more of a troll than ever.
For those who missed it, I entitled myself as...
New Fan badumm-tshhhh

I like my new one better. Did you try to copy-paste and translate it into any language? (without emoji)

Edit: I just pasted my title without emoji into a binary text translator... And broke it. xD
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