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Favorite Cryptonloid

Favorite Cryptonloid (or character in Project Diva lol)

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Apr 8, 2018
Montréal, Canada
MEIKO is easily my favorite cryptonloid and overall vocaloid.

I don't really have much reason for her being my favorite other than when I first got into vocaloid I wanted to find a more mature, natural sounding vocal, and when I started listening to her more I just fell in love with her tone and overall character with all the fanart and what not.

I also feel I need to mention that Miku is my second favorite just bc I love her so much<3 When i first got into vocaloid i didnt really like her that much, but my love for her has been growing over the years, especially since the fandom got a bit more quiet and i started listening to vocaloid more casually, i find myself listening to her so much more than anyone else.
Well I feel like Len has no personnality imo.
He's like the kid in high school that is only popular because he does crazy shit/jokes around a lot.
You can't really love Len like the others, you like him and you can't go any deeper in the relationship.
but producers are still publishing songs for him tho (well... Neru is lol)
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Apr 8, 2018
Maryland USA
I believe it's been for a while, this talk that Rin carries Len, that without being part of CV-02, Len would not have any success. I'm not sure, I think every Vocaloid released during that time period has been successful. But the fall off in usage for some of them has been severe, e.g. Gackpo.


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Apr 9, 2018
Well, Len finally has one vote on him, so yay! :kaito_move::clara_lili:
It would have be plain sad if he didn't get any votes at all. Where his fangirls at? :clara_lili:


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Apr 8, 2018
Len is still used frequently....
I can't compare to previous times tho and I am not even using NND I just use Youtube and Bilibili

Also let's not forget that other Voicaloids get used more recently (Best example is flower, she became really popular under producers it seems)

About the poll.... I am not gonna Vote, I like them all, Luka and Meiko a bit less than the others but I still like them
Also while I like teto (I am even using her rn) I am not a fan of the fanloids tbh.

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Apr 8, 2018
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out of the Cryptonloids, KAITO is by far my favorite, both his voice and design are just so appealing to me. i also really like Miku a lot too <3
i still like the others a little bit, although i'm not a very big fan of MEIKO...
hmmm, a lot of my big big favorite Vocaloids are the somewhat lesser known, underdog ones. hahaha

i love Teto to pieces although she isn't an actual Cryptonloid lol
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gotta stick by my man Kaito lol
I used to not care about Kaito, he was just kinda there for me. But he grew to be one of my absolute favorites after his V3 was a thing. I find his English really easy to use personally and he's always been one of my go to banks. I like that he sounds like he's smiling when he sings


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Apr 8, 2018
I think im biased towards luka because her hair is pink and thats my favorite color lol

But I really love Luka's voice and design. I love Miku and Meiko a whole lot too but Luka sways my heart more.
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Aug 26, 2018
Its between KAITO and Kagamine Len. Len because of Servant of Evil (my heart ;~;) and various other songs, and Kaito because of his portrayal as caring/kind and songs such as Judgement of Corruption and Old Radio (heres the song )


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Sep 21, 2019
Rin! I absolutely love using her because she’s really great for the songs I like covering and is very versatile. She has a cool design and her V4x power is just too good with its unique dry and tomboyish(?) tone while her ACT1 has a cute and nostalgic tone.
Truly speaking both of the Kagamines are my favorites, but I like Rin just a little bit more for no specific reason, haha!

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