Luka V4X trial test - Electro Saturator (WIP)

Cerāgi <º•

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Dec 5, 2019
As I wrote few days ago, I've been messing with Luka's trial recently, so this is what came out of it :3
I know it's not finished ;;, but I've been a bit busy and wanted to post it nonetheless:mirai_ani_lili: (will I ever finish something? I doubt it:ring_ani_lili:lol)

Soo, in this I mostly messed with EVEC colurs (they were suuper fun ;33), as well as tried to workaround some of Luka's flaws; I tried my best with her, hope it came out fine!:yohioloid_lili:(advices on both tuning and mixing are more than welcome though ofc!)
I didn't mess with the parameters as much as I would have to though, aside from some DYN and BRI, for time reasons, so forgive me for that ;;.
In the end, I definitely plan to get her someday, as I had a lot of fun overall ;33

Mh, I used Piapro by the way and I have to say, although it was giving me a headache at first trying to figure it out, I ended up really liking it ahah, as it can be quite handy :kaito_move:

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