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Magical Mirai 2018


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Apr 25, 2018
I've rarely seen female drummers and bass players, and all those I've seen are indeed good :D

also TIL the illustrator of the Mirai 2018 costume (Mika) is also the designer and illustrator of a known Virtual Youtuber.

No wonder the style and colors were familiar!

Tangent: KEI has also drawn for another V. Youtuber...
that's so interesting! thanks for that! I really do love the design a lot. hey by the way, i was watching the performance of aikotoba, and Miku looks different during that song. was that that new projection tech they were trying out?


Devout Mikuist
Apr 25, 2018
No that's them being lazy (a bit understandably so) and reusing the animation from back in 2010/2012 for that song, when they were using different models (the Kanshasai concerts).
Same for Tell your World, Mikupa models.
Yeah, that would definitely be a different model from those years... hm, interesting. Ha I had no idea, Thanks for clarifying that.:miku_ani_lili: Come to think of it, aikotoba isn't played live too often, is it.


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First time it played for me I think. Personally I don’t mind them playing songs that haven’t been played for many years. But playing the same songs from previous years in a row gets kinda repetitive. (With the exception of hand in hand cause it’s too good)
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Aug 3, 2018
Is there any way to get the MM band versions of these songs. Some of these songs sound so much better with a fuller sound that the originals


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Apr 8, 2018
Is there any way to get the MM band versions of these songs. Some of these songs sound so much better with a fuller sound that the originals
Concert CDs, including Mirai ones, also appear in various other places--Amazon, iTunes, CDJapan, eBay, etc.


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Just wondering again

Did anyone come really early like ~6am for the first day of the Osaka exhibition and participate in the "Miku sprinting event"


Were you there for the run? :D
Seems like I'm the only one since when I asked most others came later.


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Apr 13, 2018
finally the forum is working again!! :D
I always got an error message of Cloudfare.. ?_?

only for Magical Mirai 2014 in Osaka there was the live recording available to purchase online, but for the other concerts, you can rip the audio directly from the blu ray and get the maximum audio quality ^-^
(I recommend to rip both the PCM tracks and the DTS Master Audio tracks, one for fidelity, one for live arena experience feeling)

@iamnoob: hehe yeeeeee I was there for the run, was so fun!! woke up at 3:39am that magical day<3


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Apr 8, 2018
It's been a week since the Blu-ray/DVD release. Took forever for me to receive my package from AmiAmi, should of stuck to Amazon.

I couldn't make it to MM18, but Miku Expo 2018 USA and Europe kind of made up for it.

Let's see how this Blu-ray stacks up.

Stage and Lighting: The stage design is simple, not as extravagant than years past. Probably, due to easy transporting from Osaka to Tokyo. The lighting design is getting better and better every year. Especially, the lasers. The laser setup is insane!!
Camera Shots: The camera work is similar to 2017. A nice balance between vocaloids, the band, pans, close-ups, etc. Being the same venue(Hall 9) as 2016. I prefer the 2016 production. Having the wide-angle shots from the top rear corners of the venue, which makes the venue look much larger.
Audio: I love the audio!! I turned it up loud! The sound is very robust, you can hear all aspects of the concert. Love how I can hear all the instruments individually. The instrumentals are much more upfront and pronounce. So much so, that on some songs it nearly drowns out the vocals. This is the best audio mix by far!!!
Setlist: Though lacking newer songs/recent hits or any big surprises. I enjoyed the setlist. The songs that really put a smile on my face are Viva Happy, Meteor, Gemini, Reverse Universe, and Today the Future. Only a couple gripes, Luka only got one solo song and no new song for Meiko. Meiko only performed 4 songs since her concert introduction in 2012.

Overall Magical Mirai 2018 blu-ray has surprised me with its robust audio and made all the songs really fun. It really hypes me up!

Can't wait to attend MM this year!!!
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