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Jul 14, 2018
hi...hello.....i welcome you into my very not super actively posted in fanart thread. i haven't drawn too much vocaloid in this year of 2020 honestly, but i want to get back into humans. so i decided i would share what i have recently done and hopefully continue to post more!

here's some flowers i drew from this year! i have a lot of covers on my YT i made art for but i wanna keep this to art not done for covers.

im going to just link this one bc im unsure if mild blood, or a character wearing revealing clothes is "too much" but its not that serious. just CW for some mild blood and flower's wearing clothes its just like, underwear/pajamas-- this was a redraw of the cover art i did for my oooold "Cake" cover. a mod can tell me if i should unlink this tho.

some trans talk!flower doodle

thats all i got for this year aside from artwork for youtube posts lol. but i'll lastly still share this art i did for my KING cover bc i really love it (bg is from the original tho)



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Oct 8, 2019
Never in a million years would I have guessed this would happen but I am so happy it did 😭 I knew you'd rock it, thank you so much! This is so good.
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