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VOCALOID New VOCALOID6 bank: Po-uta developed by YAMAHA & voiced by Porter Robinson


Aspiring Fan
Apr 13, 2018
Porter Robinson’s history with Vocaloid coming full circle with him having his own V6 is so insanely cool to see. I kind of really love the voice itself as well, I dig the robot-y auto tune-y android-like feel they went with. It feels unique amongst the current synth lineup, honestly hope this bank becomes a success!


AKA missy20201 (Elliot)
Apr 8, 2018
Oh, I just adore that this happened at all. It's really lovely! And so nice to see a passionate VP. I think Po-uta is a fun name for the Japanese pun, and doesn't sound too bad in English if you treat it like Japanese rules ou = long o sound? Sorta? Almost like Porter but without the R. Or just, how you might say his name if you had a particular accent (British? Idk, I hesitate to say since I'm bad at placing accents).

I've been putting off buying V6, but this has me sorely tempted. I'm not actually mad at him being a purposefully robotic voice, and I've seen a few samples (form mixing gods, no doubt) that pulled off a pretty natural sound, too!

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