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Would you like UTAUloids to be added to this thread too? If over 10 answer Positive then UTAU are in

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  • Sure, I may not have any, but I would like to have someone render one for me

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  • Maybe

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  • No thank you

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Doujin lyricist/Producer & MEIKO fanatic
Apr 8, 2018
Somewhere in Cali
I have an update with my collection of Vocaloids! I now have the following VBs ready for rendering (and certain ones for minimal tuning):

MEIKO V3 (ENG, Dark, Whisper, Power, Straight)
Kizuna Akari V3
Yuzuki Yukari V3 (Jun, Onn, Lin)
Hatsune Miku V3 (ENG, Original, Dark, Sweet, Solid)
Vocaloid5 Standard VBs (Ken, Kaori, Chris, Amy)

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