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kiyoteru enthusiast
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Apr 8, 2018
Yuki and Kiyoteru plushes incoming. Going by AHS' other plushes, they'll probably be around 4000 yen each and only available during preorders. The other plushes were sold again later as a "leftover stock" kind of thing but they sold out in literal minutes and aftermarket goes for hundreds of dollars, so if you're even remotely interested in either of these I'd highly recommend just getting them when preorders are live.



May 17, 2018
It mentioned that more Miku goods are coming to FYE this summer

FYE stores to launch exclusive Hatsune Miku collection this summer with apparel, consumables, room décor and more. With items like leek flavored ramen with electric blue broth, cotton candy flavored soda and a vanilla milkshake flavored chocolate bar with sprinkles, fan will be eating this up!

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