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What song are you listening to?


Hardcore Fan
Apr 11, 2018
I was mostly having Croatia's Baby Lasagna's song playing in my head since Tuesday, and while I'm happy Armenia did it to the finals and Eurovision this year is touchy, I'm still sad those from San Marino didn't and honestly this song was amazing

Edit: Also beware it may be flashy (though it seems it's Epilepsy Edition ° this year lol)


release the vx-beta vocals you cowards
Jan 12, 2022
Romanian nostalgia (even though they were before my time lol)
A.S.I.A. - Sună periculos


OSTER project fan!!!
Oct 13, 2023
I've been in a precure mood of late!

シュビドゥビ☆スイーツタイム / Shubidubi☆Sweets Time!
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