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Your favorite vocaloid demo songs

Best demo song

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Apr 9, 2018
Palembang, Indonesia
I voted for Kide and ddickky's "StarWish" and Kira's "Fighter"!
"StarWish" is just so lovable and touching, the tuning is also great! And so does her voice provider's cover, she's so amazing I love her!
As for "Fighter", I always love Kira's top-tier tuning and great pop-sounding music. We want more like him!

As for the unmentioned demos, I immediately thinking about this remix of 2AM's "Never Let You Go".

This cover of Signal's "Cendrillon" is also great!

Also apol and Empath's "NeapolitaN"

rerulili's "Boku ga Monster ni Natta Hi" is also my fav!

I also love zzz's "Elixir", the tuning is somewhat simple yet still sounding great, eventhough this song become "a mainstream Korean demo song" 😅

Talking about simple tuning, Yes, Peperon's tuning method is still considered simple yet good sounding and popular among the community, but his music is also great! I also favorited "Fragments of the Night" as well as this underrated song.
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crying over Rune Factory 5
Jul 5, 2018
Re: Justita, it's pretty good but my favorite of Merli's demos was definitely immature world.
Oh yes, immature world is still one of my favorite songs, both Merli and Aoki Lapis sound so good.

Think the Future is one of my absolute favorite demo songs, but almost everyone seems to prefer Daydream Flight which I don't like at all..

Also, Lily V3's demo song Tender Moon is just fantastic!! Not enough people know this song

Blue Butterfly is also a song not many people know but this was one of Gumi V2's demo songs and one of my favorites back then, it's so pretty

And of course Caramel Sugar, my favorite Mayu demo song!
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pretending it's 2012 again
Feb 28, 2019
The demo I liked the most would probably be Lily's Lying and Lying demo but that was already mentioned here hahaaa
I also remember loving Anon and Kanon's Heart Chrome back in 9th grade so much lmao. Instant memories hearing it again:anon_lili::kanon_lili:

This thread got me thinking again about this demo for Luka's V4X. I think I love both the song and Luka's simplistic calming tuning equally!! Just wish it wasn't so short though :/

Ugggh while I'm glad I've been reminded of this song now I have to urge to cover it with someone.
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