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    The Sonika one kind of sounds like the start of a guttural death growl. XD
    Oh shut

    I realize I made my VSQ with the wrong tempo, now I have to move all my notes and set them again

    ugh i made this mistake too a few months ago, after finishing the entire midi i found out my tempo was off literally by 1 :ring_ani_lili:
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    When i try to finish my midis.

    Me: I'll end my Midi
    My brain: *Gives me a lot ideas of what could I do instead end my Midi*

    Me: ok *I decide dont finish midi*
    My brain: Why are you wasting time, you should end your midi?!?!

    And the cicle never ends.
    :sonika_ani_lili: :sonika_ani_lili: :sonika_ani_lili:
    :rin_rylitah: Vocaloid and breakcore. The amazing works of HikkieP :rin_rylitah:
    Be careful seizure warning, and extremely loud sounds.

    I've always been a fan of the breakcore(Yeah I love Opera and Breakcore, weird) most of the time listening in AMV
    When I met vocaloid a couple of years ago, I met a lot of breakcore songs with Voclaoid, not many until I discovered HikkieP
    Hikkie-P is one of the best (in my opinion)creators of breakcore among to Daijiobu-P
    Here's one of my favourite of him:


    Your a fan of breakcore?, Do you hate it?, Did you know Hikkie-P?
    I want to learn a lot of things but I don't have enough time to learn them
    I left a lot of thing in the past coz I feel I could never learn from them, and fear
    Is sad coz some of them gave me a lot of fun.

    So I'm trying to be happy and learn all That i left, all i like, even if time is not by my side.

    Which of my babies sing better this?




    I didn't tune anything, this is a test, I just:
    >Play with singer paramethers
    Omg I can't stop listening to LP

    I love "Lost on you". I think I can make a cover of that song with Sonika, but I have to practice the high part :sonika_lili:
    FELLOW LP FANS UNITE I love 'No Witness'
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    In defence of V2 Engloids!
    Did you think Engloids of V2 are bad?. Are muffled?, bad?, Why I should Buy it?. Maybe you need a few reasons for
    (Tap the tittles of the song)

    Sweet Ann:
    A mature female voice. From Power Fx

    A Soprano voice. From Zero-G

    Megurine Luka V2:
    A bilingual mature female voice. From Crypton Future Media

    A youngful female voice. From Zero-G

    Big Al:
    A bass voice. From Power Fx

    A tenor Voice. From Zero-G

    So, this is all the proves you need. What are you waiting?!?



    Bye Bye

    I've made this list to help everyone who want to learn about Vocaloid parameter and etc.
    First let's make this clear

    Vocaloid for begginers=easy to use?
    Yes and no, some of them are easy to use, other are just easy to practice, but remember if you dant have any knowledge of music, or you don't practice DON'T HOPE FOR QUICK RESULTS YOU LAZY USER
    In this list "Voclaoid for begginer" means Vocaloids with the less amount of errors and fun to work with

    English Voclaoids: Vocaloid 2:

    • Sweet Ann
    • Big Al
    (despite their strong accents, you can play with them and learn how English phonemes works and how fix pronunciation problems)

    English Voclaoids: Vocaloid 3:

    • >AVANNA
    • >Yohioloid Eng
    (their soft voices are perfect to practice how parameters can change the voice, and despite her strong consonants(Avanna) , you can learn about how English phonemes works)

    English Voclaoids: Vocaloid 4:

    • Hatsune Miku Eng V4
    • Fukase Eng
    • Cyber diva
    • Cyber song man
    (Fukase, Cyba and Cyman are really clear, so you can practice a lot with them, and Miku is weird, you can play a lot with the phonemes and learn how to fix problems)

    Japanese vocaloids:Vocaloid 1:

    • Kaito V1
    (despite Kaito is Vocaloid for "Professionals" is easier to use than Meiko, his voice can fit litteraly anything and his voice is really flexible, you can practice a lot and learn how Japanese phonemes works)

    Japanese vocaloids:Vocaloid 2:

    • Hatsune Miku V2
    • Kagamine Rin/Len Act 2 V2
    • Nekomura Iroha V2
    • Vy1 V2
    • Vy2 V2
    (Miku Rin and len have some weak consonants but you can learn from them how to fix problems and how japanese phonetics works. Except for Vy2 and iroha, their phonemes are clear and soft)

    Japanese vocaloids:Vocaloid 3:

    • Kokone
    • Vy2 V3 (Standard not falsetto )
    • Rana V3
    • Hatsune Miku V3
    • Chika
    • Aoki Lapis
    • IA
    (Kokone is extremely,EXTREMLY, easy to USE, Vy1 and V2 too, Rana and miku are basically the same, Chika have more phoneme transisions than any Voclaoid in V3, you can even practice other languages with her. With lapis you can practice realism, she can sound good with less tuning and realistic with some effort) (Don't use Vy2 falsetto, is really hard)

    Japanese vocaloids:Vocaloid 4:

    • Kizuna Akari
    • Hatsune Miku V4
    • Otomachi Una V4
    • Rana V4
    • Kagamine Rin/Len V4
    • Kaai Yuki V4
    • Iroha V4
    • Vy1 V4
    • Fukase V4
    (kizuna Akari was made for begginers, Rin an Len now are better and easier, Una is the same as Lapis, you can make her sound good with a bit of tuning and practice realism. There's a Vocausers here called renri who makes Magic with Una)

    Spanish Vocaloids:Vocaloid3

    • >Maika
    (Maika is excellent for Spanish noobs, her voice can be soft and loud, you can learn how Spanish phonemes work and how to work with Spanish accent, even she has extra phonemes so you can practice a lot of lenguages with her. You can make her easily sing in catalan, tagalog, Portuguese, German etc. ) (Hello Spanish People)

    Korean Voclaoids:Vocaloid4:

    • Uni
    (SeeU has a lot of problems so, we're not gonna talk about her, Uni for the other hand is soft, clear and cheerful. You can learn how Korean phonemes work) (Hello Korean people)

    Chinese Voclaoid:Vocaloid3

    • Luo tyangi
    (Is a cute voice, like a Chinese Miku, you can learn how Chinese phonemes work and how to fix problems with some words like Xieng)

    Chinese Voclaoid:Vocaloi43

    • Hatsune Miku V4C
    • Yuezheng Longya V4
    (WoW Miku again, yep a lot of Chinese Users said Miku is Easy to use, even in Chinese. And I have a problem with longya. The fandom is 50/50. 50% say Longya is easy to use. And the other 50% said is hard to use) (Hello Chinese people)

    Vocaloid you have to avoid if you're begginer:
    I'm not telling this voclaoids are "impossible" to use or something. I'm telling you: If you never used voclaoid before and you have 0 knowledge about phonemes or tuning, avoid them coz they ahev problems that only fix is you are "experimented in Vocaloid" and you can lost your patience and sanity


    • Meiko V1


    • Gumi
    • Prima
    • Tonio
    • Sonika
    • Miki
    • Gachapoid V2
    • Gumi English
    • Hatsune Miku V3
    • Yan he
    • SeeU
    • Kaito V3


    • Arsloid
    • Luo Tyangi V4
    • Ruby
    • Luka V4
    I wouldn't recommend Rin and Len's Act1 OR Act2 for beginners - their Appends are much less frustrating to work with, honestly, as the samples are of much higher quality. (Act1 is usually regarded as slightly better to work with than Act2 if you're using Rin, while Act2 is better for using Len.) Either way, you're better off getting their Appends or V4X if you intend to get a lot of use out of both of them. Probably V4X, considering you have to own their Act2 to use their Appends.

    Regarding V3 Chinese banks, I've heard Yanhe's quite nice to work with as well! I've yet to have the pleasure of using her, but I've heard nothing but good things from most people who I've seen use her. Xin Hua is one that could be added to the "Don't use if you're a beginner" list: her VP is Taiwanese but an attempt was (apparently) made to make her sound more Mainland Chinese, and the result is a bank that both Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese users find difficult to get good results with. No idea if this was resolved with her V4.

    For English banks: I'd also put Oliver on the "Avoid if beginner" list. Take it from someone whose first VB was Oliver; I knew he'd be a pain and got him first because he was the cheapest of the VBs I wanted, but even now I struggle with him. He's so popular in the fandom that people don't realize how frustrating he can be to use. Nana V4 English, from what I've tried, is actually pretty easy to use. Her only major "issue" is that her Rs are Ws, but a lot of people (myself included) find that to be one of her charms. Miku English is a very 50/50 sorta bank. People either call her one of the easiest non-native English banks to work with, or one of the hardest, with very little in-between. However, Len's English bank is one I can only recommend to absolute masochists.

    Phew! Sorry, this was longer than I meant for it to be. :yohioloid_lili:
    >Act1 is usually regarded as slightly better to work with than Act2 if you're using Len, while Act2 is better for using Rin

    I heard the other way around- Act1 Len is horrible to use, but Act2Rin has several issues Act1 didn't have? idk, I haven't PERSONALLY used them (nor do I ever want to lol)
    I wouldnt call Irohas V4 ( her natural at least which is the one I have ) beginner friendly, she has her quirks and there are some vowels that need to be de-compressed outside the editor to make her sound good.
    I think I'm done with this.

    "Sonika arrives:
    [After a long flight a Skinny and green-haired girl arrives at the Furtherrod's airport. She was scared but excited at the same time ]

    : Waoh There are many people here(I barely can walk through the people. Someone is supposed to be waiting for me here, But nobody told me who..)
    Tonio: oh I am sorry, It was my fault sorry

    [A tall man suddenly appears through the crowd, tripping with several people with a coffee in his hand,]

    : (This is getting closer to me. Is he approaching me?, he looks like a bodyguard, He looks angry, Is that guy a gangster?)
    Tonio: Oh! Excuse young lady, are you soNIka?
    Sonika: eh yes, but its actually Sonika Sir
    Tonio: Oh I am sorry, Pleasure to meet you, my name is Tonio, I am here to take you home

    [They shake hand each other, but Tonio was so strong Sonika felt her hand crush, and stepped back]

    :(oh my god this guys is really strong. Is that true? What if he's a kidnapper?) Sorry, but how can I trust you? I need a proof
    Tonio: Oh that is right, you need a proof, well correct me if I'm wrong but your activation code is "Number", right?
    Sonika:(He knows my activation code, so this guy is my master. that's how should I call him? Master?)
    Tonio: Well, we have to go to a young lady, could I help you with your suitcase?
    Sonika: Eh! Don't worry, I can take it by myself
    Tonio: Ok, follow me, watch out the people, young lady
    Sonika: (He's so polite, cute)

    [They left the airport to take a bus]

    : Oh I did not ask you, how about your range?
    Sonika: Excuse me?
    Tonio: Can you sing high or low?
    Sonika: oh that... I have middle range, I think its call mezzo-soprano (Should I call him Master)...Master
    Tonio: eh girl, I think you are confused. I am not your "Master" I am a Vocaloid too (Tonio smiles and giggles)
    Sonika: Oh I'm sorry I thought you were... I'm sorry (I so embrace)
    Tonio: Do not apologize, girl, this exactly what happened to me when I met Miss Prima
    Sonika: Who's "Miss Prima"?
    Tonio: Oh! She is another Vocaloid like me, I am sure you two will be the best friends
    Sonika: (Wow I'll not be the only woman, I'll have a friend, I wonder how is she)
    Tonio: It is here little girl, we must get off

    [They walk to the house, it seems to be alone]

    : wow this place is huge (it looks comfy), could I ask? Where's Prima and Master?
    Tonio: He left a letter, Mmm he went to the market and left prima in the studio, recording her voice for a cover
    Sonika: Wow cool, could I go find her?
    Tonio: Of course, You do not have to ask girl, Our house is your house now
    Sonika: Oh (He's so kind) Thanks Tonio

    [Sonika search for Prima, until a door opened and Sonika crashed with a formal woman]

    : Ouch, careful, girl
    Sonika: eh... I'm sorry (Is she prima?, wow She is as tall as Tonio)
    Prima: Oh I think are the new one on the family. Sonika, right?
    Sonika: Oh That's right Miss, I'm Sonika, pleasure to meet you
    Prima: I think you'd been spending a long time with Tonio, there's no need to be so polite, you can call me Prima if you want
    Sonika: Ok Prima, sorry if I interrupted something
    Prima: Nah you didn't, don't worry, I was finishing some records and... Hey, you gave me an idea!

    [Prima takes Sonika into the studio and give her a paper, It was a VSQ]
    : Let me explain it, When Tonio came into the house I was recording this song so, why don't we make it a tradition?
    Sonika: Ehh what?
    Prima: Sing!
    Sonika: but ... I haven't prepared myself, I don't know if I can sing this
    Prima: Don't be shy, it's just practice, I won't judge you. I promise

    [Sonika sings Afternoon sunshine in the wrong tempo]

    : I think I give you the wrong one, Mmm here's the correct... but let me sing with you
    Sonika: Ok

    [Prima and Sonika sing the 3/4 of the song and then Tonio interrupts]

    : Dakeno Time, I knew it, I knew you two will be the best friends, you two look cute together
    Sonika: Cute? (Sonika Blushes)
    Prima: (Giggle)Don't be shy Sonika, Tonio, Care to join us?
    Tonio: Of course, Miss Prima
    Prima: Tonio... Please

    [They sing the last of the song]

    : Yeah, very good!
    Tonio: Perfecto!
    Sonika: Thanks guys,(Wow they have amazing voices, Should I ask?) You two sound good together
    Tonio: Well, we must, We are opera singers, so our voices must sound good together
    Sonika: Wow so... (Ok, I shall do it) Are you a couple?
    Prima: Eh... (Prima blushes)
    Tonio: Yeah, a friendly couple of singers
    Sonika: No, I don't want to sound rude or something but, are you a romantic...
    [The door suddenly opens]
    M: I'm here guys
    Prima: Oh Master went back, I should help him with the bags hehe, I will go (Prima leaves the room blushed)
    Tonio: Why did her face turn red? It is no hot here, Should I bring a fan?
    Sonika: I don't think so (Cute)"

    Prima doesn't like talk about love :prima_ani_lili:
    Tonio doesnt understand love :tonio_ani_lili:
    Sonika likes her new house :sonika_ani_lili:

    I will do that with this kind of style
    Like a visual novel U<U
    Sonika Arrives:

    I have SONiKA now

    :prima_ani_lili: :Nice to meet you Sonika, I'm Prima, I hope we can get along

    :tonio_ani_lili: :Hello young lady, nice to meet you, I'm Tonio, I'm Glad you finally came. Do you want something to drink?, Not alcohol obviously

    :sonika_ani_lili: :Thanks guys but, I have one question.... Are you two my ... parents or something?
    Another Coupon?
    I'd been checking my Email when suddenly I recieved another Email from Zero-G
    This time they gave me another coupon, but this time even better

    This time is 20% OFF, OMG I'm lucky!!!

    Now I could go for Sonika(eh), IDK I'll try!!! :sonika_ani_lili:

    ^<^)/)~~~❤ I love Zero-G❤ ︎~~~(\(^>^
    Talkloid Project
    I really wanna try to make a TALKLOID, I think I can make some kind of "Love story" with my babies or a "backstory" about how my Bois met each other, But I don't have the English capabilities to make a decent Script.
    I'll practice and ask (to a bilingual friend) to make a "decent script" to make them more understandable.

    :prima_ani_lili: :tonio_ani_lili:

    ^<^)/)~~~❤ See you later❤ ︎~~~(\(^>^
    (I feel ashamed because i know how bad is my english sometimes (Most of the time orz))
    My Future projects

    I'm trying to be more organized, so I've made a list of ALL my future projects: (Until now)
    1. Kimi no usawa with Tonio
    2. It's a fine day with Prima
    3. A splendored love in reminiscences, one more with Tonio & Prima
    4. DI with Prima
    (And I shall release VSQ and MIDIs)
    I'd planned make a cover of Entomologist (Old version) but I couldn't find it anywhere ;_;
    but anyways, listen to these songs, they're awesome

    Wash your hand and drink enough water.
    ^<^)/)~~~❤︎See you later❤︎~~~(\(^>^
    Oh my gh @U - - - - - - - - - d

    I received an email from Zero-g asking for a Tonio review
    I answer to them(I love Tonio) and I received another Email and
    I've received a 15% off coupon for a product up 25$ (Dies)

    I dont know if it works with vocaloid, If somebody knows
    Please tell me!!!

    :prima_ani_lili: :sonika_ani_lili: :tonio_ani_lili:
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