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  • I'm saving for V2 digital loids in japanese so if someday you have one you want to give away

    Plis tell me QvQ
    Which one you think is the best pair for kiyo? :kiyoterunatural_lili: (We're talking about how their voices can mix)
    • :miku_lili: V2
    • :lily_smile_lili: V2
    • :gumi_lili: V2
    • :gackpo_lili: V2
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    Gakupo and Kiyo sound wonderful! That I know for a fact :clara_lili: For female counterparts 1st Lily and 2nd Gumi imo
    I'd actually probs vote Gackpo, but if you're looking for a female voice I'd say, hmm, Lily
    Even aside from my love for the pairing, he really does sound great with Gakupo. I think he’d be great with Lily as well!
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    Meanwhile in Vocaloid house:

    :prima_lili: : I'm a high quality vocaloid

    :tonio_smile_lili: :Hehe, Sonika,hold my beer

    :sonika_lili: : Wot is kwalichee?

    :bigal_smile_lili: : *Unclear his throat* I DonT knoe

    :kiyoterunatural_lili: : Somethin' that we don' hab
    A friend gifted my kiyoteru....
    I'm..... I just.... Don't know what to say except Thanks so much to him

    I have Kiyo V2 now

    Wow congrats!! He's on my wish list for sure. Let us know how he is! 👀💖
    I’d like to try his V2; I adore his Rock bank but haven’t had much luck with his Natural. I think trying his OG will help me better appreciate it!
    @Leon Weird consonants sometimes to strong, others soft and smol range
    so... It's fun

    @peaches2217 His V2 is better than Natural V4, recordings are weird
    I've spent 164 Dollars in vocaloid

    It is too much? I Think IS A LOT!!!

    and I still want sweet ann if i get her it'll be 234
    Owning more than one vocaloid bank gets to be expensive. It’s definitely a pricey interest. (I don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent. lol)
    My wallet cries every time I even THINK about possibly buying another bank lol
    I've made finally a cover of Tally Hall with AL

    You can check it on my list of covers if you want
    I want to draw Big AL as a suit man
    and Prima... and Sonika

    I love Loids with suits
    I've been reading about some Vocaloid licence,(I'm having problems with the files) And I want to ask to anyone who knows: (Please answers if you know)
    I have Prima, Tonio, SONiKA and BIG AL, Apparently the only restrictions are NOT cellphone music or Elevator Music. Just that right?

    A cover/Talkloid can be monetized?
    I've seen people who do that, but someloids doesn't let you like Fukase
    If I want to make and sell music or an Album, what happen with the companies?
    For Vocaloids you can sell music with them if you do not mention "VOCALOID" and don't say the character name. If you want to use official art or the character name, you might have to email the company for a character usage license. I've emailed Zero-G before and this is the summary of what I found out (go to page 16 on this doc to see my actual email if you're curious Vocaloid usage license I never finished this project, though):
    1. You can create your own artwork and sell it, but if you want to use the official art, you need permission from Zero-G.
    2. If you give LEON and LOLA a new character design (since they’re just lips on their box art), you need approval from Zero-G before proceeding with merchandise creation. (Note: It would probably be safest to also get permission for Prima and Tonio.)
    3. Zero-G would prefer you credit the name of their Vocaloid along with their company name (Zero-G).
    4. If you want to use the Taiwanese designs by E-Capsule (Prima, Tonio, Big Al, Sweet Ann), you music contact E-Capsule for a special license.
    I haven't contacted PowerFX but they are harder to get into contact with.
    Wow It seems like as long as i don't use original same art (Or redising Leon/Lola/Prima/Tonio without asking first) I can do """anything""" (Not talking about the common restrictions)

    Power FX seems to fogot about their loids
    I'm saving money so, have a new wishlist for my last loid
    My options are:
    • :sweetann_ani_lili: V2
    • :miku_lili: V2/V4ENG
    • :kiyoteru_lili: V2
    • :iroha_lili: V2
    • :lily_smile_lili: V2
    • :yuki_lili: V2
    • :ryuuto_ani_lili:
    Whoever I'll buy, It'll be my last loid :3
    Range Problems:
    :bigal_lili: : I wish I could hit high range like you Tonio
    :tonio_lili: : Really? I do not see any problem with your range
    :bigal_lili: : Yes but I lose power in high notes
    :tonio_lili: : We all have our difficulties, you can easily sing whatever you want, Prima and I are focused on a single genre, you are pretty lucky AL
    :bigal_lili: : Are you kidding me?
    :tonio_lili: : I do not do that, I wish I had your range to sing lower, high ranges hurt my throat, we all have our faults ... But you should not feel bad about that, that would inspire you to practice
    :bigal_lili: : you're right, and thx
    :tonio_lili: : Hear you sing inspires me to improve my low notes, your voice is quite good and pretty masculine, even you can breath, not like me. You are a good Vocaloid, the best Vocaloid I ever met
    :bigal_smile_lili: :Thx Tony
    Miku V4C is way expensive than his other Libraries
    Don't hate chinese >:3
    Actually, I'm pretty sure Miku Chinese is cheaper than her English and Japanese banks. Her Chinese is near the $100 price range, while her V4x and V4 English are MUCH more expensive
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