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cevio ai

  1. lIlI

    CeVIO New CeVIOs Hakoniwa Hano and Koto

    Two new CeVIOs have been put up for Campfire funding today, they're almost funded already! The company is founded by a group of creators, including a member of Honeyworks. I like their designs a lot, even if they're a bit busy! They also continue the trend of white-haired sci-fi versions of...
  2. Infoholic

    Other Chorical x Techno-Speech, New Singing Voicebank Coming 2024

    In case you missed it, Chorical and Techno-Speech are partnering to produce a singing voicebank coming out this year! The first teaser has been published to Chorical's Twitter, YouTube, and BiliBili pages. More information will be rolled out soon, and don't expect any dry spells with this...
  3. YOYo_MAMA

    Other Voisona Talk soon to be released!!

    So this just appeared on the official twitter page. Warning: translated using google translate, native speakers or anyone who knows Japanese more is very much welcomed. Voisona is going to make a talk version of it's software. From the tweet, there will be a free voice with the software, like...
  4. poser

    Filled/Closed Need SEKAI AI cevioAI render

    idk where to put this LOL but i have a cover of this song tuned and ready but i dont have cevio AI :( ill credit u ofc for the render :mew_lili:
  5. YOYo_MAMA

    CeVIO Bang Dream x Cevio AI Collab

    Just recently Bang Dream have plans to make Cevio AI song banks バンドリ!プロジェクトと「CeVIO AI」の新プロジェクトが始動! | BanG Dream!(バンドリ!)公式サイト Official Twitter post
  6. YOYo_MAMA

    CeVIO "NodoAme" turns Cevio AI Song bank (and others) to a Speech bank (JP only-translation needed)

    Came across this video and app that turns the Cevio AI singing voice to speech. I have seen people use the sing bank to talk, but it can take more effort since it's not made for speech. This "NodoAme" seams to reduce the effort drastically enough that it have a more clear speech annotations...
  7. tonio stan account™

    Collab Looking for a 10-15 second talk demo for Rosa

    I'm making a LipSync model for Rosa once I finish this illustration. I'm looking for a short audio clip that I can use for a demo. Around 10-15 seconds is good enough. Basic Japanese or English (preferably if it's possible to force English on a non-EN talk voice). Ideally the speaking speed...
  8. lIlI

    SynthV Natsuki Karin voicebanks for Synthesizer V AI and CeVIO AI

    TOKYO6 is launching a crowdfunding campaign for Natsuki Karin, the first follow up to their debut voicebank, Koharu Rikka. Demo samples of her singing and speaking were revealed here: SynthV Demo CeVIO Demo Crowdfunding dates: 8th of October to 28th of October Crowdfund link 1st goal...
  9. YOYo_MAMA

    FEE- CeVIO AI Talk announced by U-Stella Inc.

    Source: 「CeVIO AI フィーちゃん(CV:今井麻夏)」 今冬販売予定 - WMR Tokyo - ライフスタイル Everything is in Japanese and just recently announced 15 minutes before this post. I'm not sure what her name is, if it's just "FEE", "FEE-chan" or "FEE CCD-0500". Here's the promotional image Video only, NO SAMPLES YET. Is...
  10. S

    Resource CeVIO AI User Manual Translation

    This is the entire CeVIO AI user manual translated using DeepL. Since it is a machine translation there are mistakes and some parts are mismatched when compared to the official English version of the program. I will go back eventually and try to fix some obvious mistakes but as-is it's still...
  11. lIlI

    CeVIO Yuzuki Yukari Rei for CeVIO AI

    I realised we didn't have a thread for her yet: Yuzuki Yukari is recieving a singing voicebank for CeVIO AI: Announcement Voice provider: Chihiro Ishiguro Illustrator: Juu Ayakura Purchase links Release date: Jan 29, 2021 Purchase options: Package ver., DL ver. (editor set) Price...
  12. uncreepy

    CeVIO Kafu announced for CeVIO AI (Early 2021)

    The details aren't public yet other than that it's coming in winter 2020/being a singing synth voice, but a virtual singer named Kafu (they write it as Kaf, though) (花譜) is collaborating with CeVIO. She started VTuber activities when she was only 13 years old (she is now 16) and her popularity...
  13. uncreepy

    CeVIO Deep-learning-based CeVIO further in development

    tl;dr CeVIO's updated engine that uses deep learning has DAW integration, balances quality/render time better than before (went from taking 10 hours for a 5 min song to now running on a laptop), will probably be called "NeoCeVIO", and the vocals appear to be getting Neo names (ex: "Neo Sasara")...