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CeVIO Bang Dream x Cevio AI Collab


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Oct 19, 2018
I am not into idol rhythm games, such as Bandori, Hypnotic Mic and prosekai ₍ᵥᵥₕᵢ꜀ₕ ᵢ ₛₑₑ ₐₛ ₐ ₈ₐₙₔₒᵣᵢ₋꜀ₒₚᵧ꜀ₐₜ ₕₐₜₛᵤₙₑ ₘᵢₖᵤ ₐₔₔ ₛᵢₙ꜀ₑ ᵢₜ'ₛ ₐₗₛₒ ₆ᵧ ₜₕₑ ₛₐₘₑ ₔₑᵥₑₗₒₚₑᵣ ₒբ ₆ₐₙₔₒᵣᵢ₎

But I had to research on the 2 girls, Toyoma Kasumi(top) and Minato Yukino(botton) so I can get an idea on what their banks will sound like.

I also looked to their VP. Aiba Aina (Minato Yurino) can sing in a higher cuter tone

And Terakawa Aimi(Toyoma Kasumi ) did start releasing solo songs under the name of just Aimi, she sounds more mature compared to when she voiced as Kasumi.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who are already big fans of Bandori and probably know far more than I do, but I just want to share the possible range of vocals of the VP's in the thread.


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I guess I'm kinda middle of the road with that because like, I barely played the app (I would play it a LOT more if it was a console game and not a gatcha app), but I did watch the first season of the anime that came before the app (which focuses on Poppin Party, the band Kasumi is in) and the first OVA (which also adds Roselia, the band Yukina is in) many years ago and liked those enough that I have a Nendoroid of Tae so.


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Apr 13, 2018
Really loving their designs, I like that they went with sort of adjacent characters based on Kasumi and Yukina rather than literally the two of them. Helps separating the Cevio banks from the Bandori characters a bit.
They’re also holding a writing contest for POPY and ROSE in which the winning story will be getting a song made by kemu based on it!


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Apr 8, 2018
I love POPY's design by I dont really like ROSE's design, I wish they kept her purple colour scheme


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Mar 25, 2018
Ohhh!!!! These are super cute designs!!! The layers of ROSE's(?) dress give off flower vibes, especially with the thorns winding up the upper arm. I think the only thing I'm not too into on the design is maybe the tights? I can't tell if that's a veil, but it seems to be in the silhouette so it must be. POPY's just looks like a comfortable fit overall. I love the big sleeves.

I've never really been into BanDori, but from what I can see from the website's teaser showing some anime footage, they feel like good 'representatives' of each band. The little digital touches with the marks on their limbs is neat, too. It gives them I guess a sort of 'synthesizer' vibe to them.


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Apr 8, 2018
Yes! Design-wise, I do think they're pretty adorable. I think I like Popy's better, only because it's a little simpler. But Rose's is gorgeous and intricate. I do like the markings on their faces as well.
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