1. demise_and_return

    Vocal chops?

    Hi!! I got Vocaloid 4 a year ago and I've been doing a Der Holle Rache Miku cover. There's a part where she has to sing only the letter A in different tones, but I don't know how to separate the notes so it doesn't sound like she's singing only one note. I don't know if the trick's on the lyrics...
  2. Miwa Kurasaki

    KaiKai Kim and by expansion Kai Kim are not working

    I downloaded the UTAU KaiKai Kim and KaiKai refuses to sing at all. None of her voicebanks uses suffixes and even when trying to use Kai kim he won't sing either. I downloaded the Power and normal append twice and the voice bank has yet to sing but hundreds of others use the voicebank and she sings
  3. whiteglovian

    I have already activated all the installed VOCALOID products. But when I try to start VOCALOID4 Editor, I get a message saying it isnt activated

    The title is (for the most part) taken from the VOCALOID4 troubleshooting FAQ on Yamaha's page. As far as I know, I do not have any files left over from previous, or failed, installations, but just to be sure, how can I remove them if the uninstallers aren't working whatsoever, and left files...
  4. whiteglovian

    VOCALOID Need Help Installing V2 Vocaloids! - Error F1C1

    Hey, so ever since I got my new computer(May 2020), I could NOT install my vocaloid2 vocaloids, nor the editor! Here are my DxDiag, and screenshots for evidence of the error: The last one, involving Tonio, is when I try to install JUST HIS VB I tried using both Japanese and US locale, that...
  5. JamesOvO

    SynthV I can't download Synth V gen 1 voicebanks.

    so I was trying to get Eleanor Forte voicebank for gen 1, because I like gen 1 layout but then when I tried to download her... It said the website cant be reached. Any way around this?
  6. K

    I can't edit Kaito's voice track!

    Help! I can't edit Kaito's Voice track. I'm trying to align his voice with the rest of the song but I can't move it. I tried moving the music to fit his voice, but I can never here him sing along so I can never align it properly.
  7. K

    Is there a way to do Voice to Midi?

    I was wondering if there is anyway to record my voice or use a song and then turn it into a midi file? I've been wondering about this for a while now and was curious as to if it was fantasy or reality.
  8. N

    Just installed PiaPro and V4 Miku English trial, have no idea how to open it

    I probably sound very dumb, but I have zero experience with DAWs and I'm really clueless on how to launch PiaPro and Miku. I have GarageBand and Studio One 5 Prime but I'm clueless on how to open PiaPro? Online guides are not helpful, I am really confused and need help. I use a Mac if it makes...
  9. DionysusFrost

    Utau has no sound?

    So I'm kind of new to UTAU but um I keep trying to use mine and whenever i try to play the songs on it, it just won't do the audio for it. I'm brand new to this forum but I have no clue how to get the sound on my UTAU working. he's aliased in Japanese and romajji but the letters just dont show...
  10. lazyartes

    does anyone have zurui's cvvcv reclist?

    i need this pack (audio, reclist, etc) for a new voicebank but i can't find it anywhere. utaforum just won't open and it's the only one link (at least as i know and remember) where i can get it. i will be very grateful if someone has it and is ready to share if it's allowed
  11. ThatGirlMyra

    VOCALOID/Synth Question You're Too Afraid To Ask?

    Hello! This thread is similar to the subreddit r/tooafraidtoask. If you have a question (or multiple questions) about VOCALOID but you feel like they're dumb questions, you've come to the right place! Here, you can ask anything VOCALOID-related without fear of judgement, and someone will...
  12. K

    Help with vqsx

    Hi! I'm having trouble loading vqsx's into piapro and Vocaloid 3. I'm using KAITO V3 and I'm not sure why I can get some to load and not others. If I load it using Vocaloid 3, it gives me an error. If I try it with piaro it crashes the entire program and I have to restart my computer. Plz help!
  13. K

    Help with Piapro

    Hi! I'm having trouble with Piapro Studio. The lyric bar in the lyric editor won't show up. Plz help, I've tried everything I can think of.
  14. P

    How's this voice?

    I'm considering making an UTAU and releasing it, but I want to know if people would actually want this voice. Theres a lot of bugs and stuff in the sample, but Ill likely rerecord it. [track deleted] The current sample is a dipitch with the second being F4, and the full (if i ever make it)...
  15. ChuueCreations

    Piapro studio the audio and vocals dont line up if you skip ahead and are always different.

    Ive been having this issue that the vocals and instrumentals dont line up even with premade vsqx files. it is also hard to see if it even does match up because the piapro studio track on studio one doesnt show any wave files or notes, is there a way to enable this. what should my settings look...
  16. uncreepy

    SynthV Need tips for tuning in Synth V 2

    This sounds a bit dumb, but I am struggling with tuning in SV2. I really liked using SV1 and could get it to sound exactly how I wanted it. But even after watching all of the SV2 tutorials on the official YouTube channel, I feel like I'm staring at the sliders without tounching them and...
  17. Rikke

    VOCALOID I need help searching a vocaloid song since many years...

    Hello everyone I really need help, I'm searching a vocaloid song since at least 5-6 years now... I don't remember the name but I remember about some lyrics (translating in english by subtitles) and about the story. It was a girl meeting a boy during a war time (burning village in the clip)...
  18. ThatGirlMyra

    MMD Model Help?

    Hi, thanks for clicking. Anyway, I have tried all I know how to get the PMX Editor to work on my computer and it just refuses to co-operate. I just... really want to make a few models for myself, so my question is, does anyone know anyone (or are YOU someone) who makes MMD models for free? I...
  19. stormtheabsol

    Question I'm trying to convert a MIDI to a VSQ and I presume I will have to write in the syllables manually. But I don't know hiragana. What should I do?

    Okay, so the problem concerning this question is a somewhat convoluted one. Recently a new Vocaloid song came out that many people are doing covers of and I want to cover it with Vocaloid 3. However, as Vocaloid 4 is more recent and the one that people generally make new covers with nowadays...
  20. peaches2217

    Piapro playing back late in DAW

    Piapro itself isn't acting up: when I work within it, it's just fine. But when I try playing it back in the DAW with its backing track, it starts playing nearly three beats late. I've tried unchecking the Meter and Tempo buttons in Piapro. That didn't work. The tempo in both Piapro and the DAW...