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  1. Kazumimi

    Oster Project - Distorted Dream and Marionette (Ft. Miku, Rin, Luka, Meiko, and Gumi)

    Well, Oster Project has uploaded a delightful new song! It seems to be perfect compromise between the style of her older songs and her newer songs! (This song captures everything I love about Oster Project, and I love it!)
  2. Kazumimi

    sigotositeP (Hinayukki) feat. Kaito and Meiko - A Pair of Wintry Winds (2019 version)

    It looks like the producer behind "A Pair of Wintry Winds" has made an updated version of the song! :D
  3. peaches2217

    MEIKO Fanclub

    Welcome to the MEIKO Fanclub! Here, we celebrate the original Japanese Vocaloid! We're a little bare-bones right now, what with its mod being inexperienced, but do expect greater things in the near future! :meiko_ani_lili:Rules for joining::meiko_ani_lili: 1. Ask to join. All are welcome, of...
  4. Mei-Saime

    BML 2019

    Heyo! A trailer for BiliBili Micro Link 2019 has been released along with who will perform at BML 2019 VR! Not only do we have VTubers HimeHina performing, but Crypton Future Media Vocaloids will be making their debut at BML alongside returning Vocaloid group VSinger and Muta's Yan Xi! Edit...
  5. Lystrialle

    Overseas MEIKO compilation album "Dark Chocolate and Maraschino Cherry" + Kickstarter!

    Hello! I apologize if this is in the wrong location... Well, in any case, I'll cut to the chase: in honor of MEIKO's birthday, we'd like to announce an overseas MEIKO compilation album, Dark Chocolate and Maraschino Cherry! The album is well in development and is slated for release on May 5...
  6. BigScreenTV

    Meiko shu-t feat. Meiko - Shadow

    Made for Meiko's 14th anniversary. Personally, I think the tuning in this one goes well with the EDM instrumentals.
  7. Kurenai_Akari

    Meiko "Springtime And Regret" (feat. MEIKO V3 ENG)

    Do you hear the bees buzzing? Can you see your reflection from the "Black Mirror"? Soundcloud (official broadcast) Piapro (official broadcast)
  8. Kurenai_Akari

    Springtime And Regret (feat. MEIKO V3 ENG)

    Do you hear the bees buzzing? Can you see your reflection from the "Black Mirror"? Soundcloud (official broadcast) Piapro (official broadcast)
  9. Mooverse resized.png

    Mooverse resized.png

    Mooverse banner by toa-of-ice (PlayStation Network) / @Thorn_Reed from Twitter/Piapro.
  10. uncreepy

    Cryptonloid voicebank updates, collabs, & concert news (crypton_wat Twitter translations)

    Note: This thread will be continuously updated from now on to have the latest crypton_wat tweets as they are posted. Stay tuned for juicy Cryptonloid news! Hi, I'm one of the uncreepy twins and stalking translating crypton_wat's tweets is a big hobby of mine. A lot my translations were lost to...