1. ThatGirlMyra

    VOCALOID Headcanon Game

    Just list a VOCALOID and the person below must comment their personal headcanon about that VOCALOID. If you don't have one, then make one up! Enjoy! The first one is Miriam.
  2. Kazumimi

    UTAUloid Recommendations

    I hadn't seen anything like this yet, so I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread like this since there are so many UTAUloids out there, but it may be difficult to find one that suits your needs without having to do a whole lot of digging. I figured it'd be a cool idea to start a...
  3. Kazumimi

    Your Favorite UTAUloids?

    I thought it might be fun to create a thread where people can share their favorite UTAUloids! Seemed like a fun discussion and it might help others (like myself, lol) discover new UTAUloids they've never heard of. So who are some of your favorites? Here's my few in no specific order:
  4. Kazumimi

    Underappreciated or Obscure Songs that You Like?

    Is there ever that one (or several, in my case XD) song that you really like but you feel like it needs more love? I know that feel. So, I'm gonna share some songs that I think need more love! Feel free to share some, too! It doesn't matter how many views it does or doesn't have, either...
  5. Aia

    How Do You See Miku?

    We all portray Hatsune Miku differently, and I've always been curious how others see her. So I'll ask all of you this: How do you see Hatsune Miku? What are your headcannons? What does she mean to YOU? I'll start: I see Miku as this reallly mature being who's very wise. She knows a lot, cuz...
  6. Kazumimi

    Favorite Fandom Artists

    Well, first I started a thread asking who everyone's favorite producers are and you all had really interesting responses! Now I want to know: who are some of your favorite artists in this fandom? They don't have to be an illustrator who works with a particular producer. but just any artist in...
  7. Kazumimi

    Resource Vocal Synth Voice Characteristics

    I've been doing some documenting of vocal traits of various Vocaloids and UTAU that I've worked with and thought I might share my findings! I was originally going to add it as a resource, but it's very incomplete and is a major wip, so I'll be relying a lot on input from others. It's a little...
  8. CallmeNerdy

    VOCALOID Why do you like your favorite vocaloid?

    I'm not sure if there's a whole other thread for this, if there already is, then shame on me...:yohioloid_lili: But I want to know why you like/love your favorite vocaloid? I personally love Miku because I absolutely adore her cute clear voice. An unpopular opinion it may be, but I prefer the...