1. Luxie

    Question Do regular VOCALOIDs work in Piapro Studio?

    I know that they did in the past. But now, say I got Luka V4X (so I get Piapro Studio), and then buy Gumi. Would Gumi work in Piapro, or do I need the VOCALOID 4/5 Editor?
  2. SeleDreams

    What's your workflow in MV/PV creation ?

    Hi, I've made a new song and wanted to work on a PV for it, I'd say I want to make a PV a bit like this PV from Rohi he made for Kodoku Egoism: but I don't have too much experience PV wise yet, I recently purchased Vegas POST which is a package of MAGIX that bundles Vegas Pro 19 as well as...
  3. ThatGirlMyra

    VOCALOID/Synth Question You're Too Afraid To Ask?

    Hello! This thread is similar to the subreddit r/tooafraidtoask. If you have a question (or multiple questions) about VOCALOID but you feel like they're dumb questions, you've come to the right place! Here, you can ask anything VOCALOID-related without fear of judgement, and someone will...
  4. C

    Help with instrumentals

    Hi there, I was hoping to get some help with instrumentals, does anyone know what instrumentals Ghost and Pals uses? Along with other producers. I use FL Studio.
  5. MaybeGrimm

    Question What Vocaloid should I buy as first?

    Hi! I've found some threads here asking something similar, but I have a quite specific idea so decided to write a new one! I'm totally new in Vocaloid and what I want to do first is make covers to other languages, just to start practicing, and then jumping into making songs (in English) when I...
  6. Älfa Dröttning

    Installing Merli

    Hello! I just got Merli NEO and the Meikas for Christmas (Yay!!!), but I'm having a weird issue come up when I try to install Merli. Here's what I'm getting: I looked up the error online and Apple says to contact the company that makes the product. Has anyone else run into this message...
  7. Älfa Dröttning

    Using Piapro Studio Without a Crypton Vocaloid

    So a friend of mine has Stardust, but does not have the Vocaloid editor. I have 3 copies of Piapro Studio and I’ve been trying to figure out if I can give one of them to her since I don’t need all of them. I think I read somewhere that you need a Crypton Vocaloid in order to run Piapro Studio...
  8. peaches2217

    Bilibili VSQs/Off Vocals?

    So I'm an bebby when it comes to Chinese vocals, and I know like five words of Mandarin, so please forgive my ignorance. Is the process of getting VSQs from Bilibili usually harder than getting them from Nico or YouTube? I found one for a Xin Hua song months ago, and it took tons of digging and...
  9. iamjune

    What Anime are you watching Right now or Planning on Watching?

    This seem like a fun topic to discuss so I ofc made a thread to discuss what anime you are watching atm or What one you are planning on watching if you aren't watching one rn! For me right now i'm watching an anime called Acchi Kocchi a Slice of Life anime! I was browsing a selection of anime in...
  10. iamjune

    Favorite Project Diva Game! and Why?

    I thought it be fun to see what everyone's favorite Cuz Project Diva is A Really Fun Game series and I wanted to know! In my opinion I really like F2nd for Nostalgic Reasons as it was my First ever PD game! Put You answer in the poll and reply to the post to explain why!