synthesizer v

  1. VocAddict

    [VoXil feat. SOLARIA] Sol County Fair [Synthesizer V Original]

    "Enjoy the Fair!" Audiomack
  2. S

    [Synth V SOLARIA] Kiara's Lonely Floating Vomit Pile

    This is my second submission for the SOLARIA anniversary crowdfunding original song contest. It's based on an incident that happened to Hololive EN Takanashi Kiara where she describes throwing up in the ocean on her recent vacation in the Maldives.
  3. RoidoP

    【An Xiao 岸晓】カナリヤ / Canary - Kenshi Yonezu 米津玄師【SynthV Cover】

    Eyyo whadup! How are y'all doing 💜✨ I tried Dreamtonics' new SynthV vocal An Xiao and he sounds gorgeous!! :kaito_move:
  4. HoodyP

    【Kevin】 Family of Me: Extended Edit (from Over the Hedge)【SynthV Cover】 + SVP

    Read the description of the vid for SVP, credits and other tidbits about my life!
  5. RoidoP

    【SOLARIA・RoidoP】Katy Perry - "Unconditionally"【SynthV Cover・I tried to sing】

    Heya! I've recently made a SynthV cover of "Unconditionally" feat. Solaria with vocals harmonies by yours truly~ Hope y'all like it! :solaria_lili:
  6. lIlI

    Who is your favourite Synth V?

    Synth V's lineup expanded dramatically this year! So I thought it would be fun to run a poll on everyone's favourites so far. Optional extra questions: 1) Who's your favourite English Synth V? 2) Who's your favourite Chinese Synth V? 3) Who's your favourite Japanese Synth V? 4) Which future...
  7. Krathia

    Krathia's synth covers

    Okay, I've decided to go this way, otherways I feel like spamming all over the place. [Chibi done by OkaeriVT] So, I will be editing this post every time I have a cover, new or old. I hope I can keep the place as tidy as possible. I will add behind the video also the credits, for you to avoid...
  8. RoidoP

    【Yamine Renri】 The Killer Bride OST - "Halik Sa Hangin" 【SynthV OPM Cover】

    I had fun using SynthV and Renri's R2 voicebanks here! :yaminerenri_lili: 🇵🇭
  9. lIlI

    SynthV Qingsu: New Chinese voicebank for Synthesizer V AI

    Dreamtonics has announced the first Mandarin language voicebank compatible with Synth V AI! Demo from BiliBili Dreamtonics is inviting Chinese fans to decide her name, which must include the word 'dream' or its meaning. Results will be announced November 5th, 2021. *edit* Her name is 青溯...
  10. lIlI

    SynthV Natsuki Karin voicebanks for Synthesizer V AI and CeVIO AI

    TOKYO6 is launching a crowdfunding campaign for Natsuki Karin, the first follow up to their debut voicebank, Koharu Rikka. Demo samples of her singing and speaking were revealed here: SynthV Demo CeVIO Demo Crowdfunding dates: 8th of October to 28th of October Crowdfund link 1st goal...
  11. nellaelnora

    Eleanor Forte - "A Heart In Autumn" [Original Song]

    This is one of my original songs featuring Eleanor Forte Also on SoundCloud: Any feedback welcome, Thanks!
  12. Vepar

    【Tsurumaki Maki AI Complete】BALLOON【Synthesizer V Cover】

    Got Maki on the day of her release and just got around to using her, I thought I'd share my work with you guys too! Enjoy!
  13. poser

    Tsurumaki Maki - サミダレ

  14. S

    【Synth V Tsurumaki Maki English AI lite】 Last Girl (cover of song by Soccer Mommy)

    I've pre-ordered Tsurumaki Maki, but I feel the need to do something until it's available this Friday!
  15. lIlI

    SynthV Male Vocal Synth Group: VirVox Project

    VirVox is a circle producing content for Synth V Genbu and other characters, with permission from Animen/Volor. Their goal is to produce more male vocal synths. Today (14th of May 2021) they released new fullbody art for Genbu! They have also announced that his full name is Kuruno Takehiro...
  16. S

    【Saki AI Lite】 Haru no Tonari - Yuru Camp Season 3 End Song 【Synthesizer V Studio Basic Cover】

    I love the Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp) anime--the music is really great, especially the season 2 ending song by Sasaki Eri, so I wanted to make a cover of it. I'm using Saki AI Lite in SynthV Studio Basic editor. I've turned on Auto Pitch Tuning for this to see what it can do.
  17. Caize

    ANCHOR ft. Eleanor Forte

    sorry i'm not active on here, but i wanted to share this. it took a long time and i'm proud of it
  18. uncreepy

    SynthV Need tips for tuning in Synth V 2

    This sounds a bit dumb, but I am struggling with tuning in SV2. I really liked using SV1 and could get it to sound exactly how I wanted it. But even after watching all of the SV2 tutorials on the official YouTube channel, I feel like I'm staring at the sliders without tounching them and...