1. whiteglovian

    I have already activated all the installed VOCALOID products. But when I try to start VOCALOID4 Editor, I get a message saying it isnt activated

    The title is (for the most part) taken from the VOCALOID4 troubleshooting FAQ on Yamaha's page. As far as I know, I do not have any files left over from previous, or failed, installations, but just to be sure, how can I remove them if the uninstallers aren't working whatsoever, and left files...
  2. StrawberryDemon

    Do you prefer v4 or v3 flower

    I personally like v4 :flower_smile_lili:
  3. Vegetaljuce

    VSQ is off-key in both V2 & V4 but PIT is at zero (+VSQ)

    Hi all. Let me start off by saying I've been a Vocaloid user for over 3 years, and have never run into a problem like this before. I'm completely lost as to what could possibly be happening. Here is a run-down of the issue: I make a midi file in cubase that goes along with the vocals of a song...
  4. Kaerimichi [TV Size English Cover] - Hatsune Miku

    Kaerimichi [TV Size English Cover] - Hatsune Miku

    Cover: Hatsune Miku Vocal Programming: MahouChu Song: "Kaerimichi" from "Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden" Original Singer: Ayako Kawasumi English Lyrics - xHiddenxWhisperx https://youtu.be/2vkrV-IEq0w
  5. D

    Vocaloid4 to vocaloid 5?

    The vocaloids I have on my old computer were deactivated, and I got a new computer. I installed the banks again on my new computer, only to find that there was an incorrect serial number. When I went on the vocaloid4 license manager, it said that I'd never installed the vocaloids and the...
  6. Krathia

    Gakupo singing Devils' Line Ending

    [Info] Ending: Sotto Tokete Yuku You ni Original artist: 宮野真守 (Mamoru Miyano) Anime: Devil's Line VOCALOID: 神威がくぽ (aka Gakupo/ Gackpo) I did my best with the illustration :(
  7. Unagi

    VOCALOID The Living Vocaloid Encyclopedia

    As some of you may know, one of my dreams is to become the Living Vocaloid Encyclopedia! If you are confused as to what this entails, let me explain... I want to learn all about (in terms of Vocaloid): History (of Vocaloid as a whole, as well as its software, and voice banks' histories)...
  8. Mei-Saime

    BiliBili Micro Link VR VSinger Live 2018

    Hey guys! Mark your calendars cause July 20 is Bilibili Micro VSinger live! The VSinger crew of Vocaloids are performing in their second big solo concert with special guests VR performers 2233 (mascots of Bilibili) Check out the announcement via @VSingerNews on Twitter!
  9. Mei-Saime

    Yukari Lin wip

    I'm gonna draw me some VOCALOIDs to imrpove my style and Backgrounds so the first one I'm drawing is Yukari Lin. If you have any suggestions as to what VOCALOID you want me to draw next just leave a comment ^^
  10. BLANAero

    Otomachi Una Fanclub

    Hi Everyone! welcome to the Otomachi Una Fanclub!Noticed that a lot of people liked her as well, so here we are! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** First song, from the...