yamine renri

  1. RoidoP

    【Yamine Renri】 The Killer Bride OST - "Halik Sa Hangin" 【SynthV OPM Cover】

    I had fun using SynthV and Renri's R2 voicebanks here! :yaminerenri_lili: 🇵🇭
  2. S

    【Koharu Rikka AI】 Grand Escape by Radwimps (Synth V cover)

    I really loved the movies Your Name and Weathering With You, especially the soundtracks by Radwimps, so I wanted to tackle one of the songs. I'm also using Saki AI Lite and Yamine Renri for the background vocals. Originally, I wanted to use Vocaloid 5 Ken for the background vocal, but at this...
  3. peaches2217

    Kiss (Genbu & Yamine Renri)

    Hey! I'm finishing up my latest Synth V cover. I figured I could use a few extra pairs of ears on this one, because I've been out of sorts and mine aren't cooperating with me. How does the vocal mix sound on this? Does Genbu need to be turned up? I thought he sounded a bit quiet, but usually...
  4. parallax_fifths

    【Yamine Renri】魔性審理【original/collaboration】→ SynthV

    Lyrics by Rikurikuri → piapro(ピアプロ)|りくりくりさんのページ Music and video by me I'm a big fan of the common practice era, specifically the late-classical to mid-romantic periods. (Although I do think works became a bit too long during those years.) Furthermore, I recently learned that neoclassical metal...
  5. David K.

    【SynthV original】 Fast like a Bullet Train 【Eleanor Forte & GENBU & Yamine Renri】

    These days I have lots of work and almost no free time. I have to work fast like a bullet train 🚅, which inspired me to make this song. It's sung by the SynthV Trio: Eleanor Forte as the lead vocalist, Yamine Renri as the female backing vocalist and GENBU as the male backing vocalist (sorry for...
  6. Yamine Renri SynthV Japanese - Two of a Kind (Spanish)

    Yamine Renri SynthV Japanese - Two of a Kind (Spanish)

    Spanish lyrics by The Macabre Guy. Base VSQX by lovesickle. Puedo ver; las estrellas se derriten Un telescpio lo supo de antes viendo por la ventana Volteando pare verte Volteé para decirte Te lo dije Las estrellas se derriten Y ahora te diré Que el espacio no será como ayer Para dos de un igual
  7. PigeonP

    Deep Sea City Underground cover with Renri

    Hope you like it!!!